With the new season new opportunities come so that you look more beautiful exploring and expressing new sides of your personality. This also means making some much needed updates in your makeup choices. Fashionistas with an eye for great deals and a love for all things glittery should definitely learn more about the new E.L.F spring 2013 makeup products. To help you create a fabulous interesting look E.L.F Cosmetics is bringing the Essential Glitter Mascara.

The go-to choice, rich black mascara has an important place in one’s makeup routine, however, mixing things up from time to time instead of relying on the same tried and tested options is a simple way to make sure that you avoid getting stuck in a dangerous style rut. Glistening and glittery lashes can be one way of eliminating monotony and adding a powerful vibe. The fab sheer formula adds just the right amount of sparkle while the wand ensures you’ll look fab every single time. Forget about clumping and focus your attention on highlighting your best features instead.

E.L.F Spring 2013 Essential Glitter Mascara

Variety is definitely important as the style needs vary and the label brings four different versions to indulge in: a classy silver, a luxurious looking gold tone, a fab plum shade and a cool sheer teal tone. Wear these fab shades alone or layer with your favorite mascara for a stronger visual impact. Choose a favorite or experiment with more than one tone at a time and have fun discovering fabulous new options that will enable you to stay fab throughout the new season.

The new E.L.F Essential Glitter Mascara tones are already available for purchase on the company’s website. Experimenting with the new products offered by the brand, like fans of the brand already known, won’t break your beauty budget, as looking great without spending a fortune is the idea the label is based on. The newest releases from the label will only set you back $2 a piece.

E.L.F Spring 2013 Essential Glitter Mascara

Photo courtesy of E.L.F. Cosmetics