If you believed you had enough goodies in your beauty bag, think again! Why? Because now you’ll have the possibility to invest in some new additions coming straight from Hollywood. Yes, it’s time for a new special line created by a well-known celebrity! Well, Drew Barrymore launches ‘Flower’, a color cosmetics brand she co-owns with design and manufacturing firm Maesa Group that will be available in 1,509 Wal-Mart stores in January. “I think, if you really care about things, then you just naturally get involved. I don’t want to sit there and hope it works out. I want to be in the middle, in the mix, making sure it works out,” the actress told Women’s Wear Daily. “It is almost an uncontrollable desire to be one of the people who is creating. Maybe it is just a type of personality. I can’t sleep at night. I care,” Barrymore added.

The line will be available in Wal-Mart stores exclusively, but also online at walmart.com. “We want it to be in people’s hands,” the actress revealed. Speaking about ‘Flower’, Scott Oshry, president, partner and board member at Maesa, described it as a “true luxury at mass.” “Once we identified this white space, we thought to ourselves, you know what, we should tackle this. We should build the best color cosmetics brand that we can,” he said.

It seems that Maesa came up with the idea of the collaboration about a year ago. And since Barrymore was preganant at the time, with her role as Covergirl’s ambassador coming to an end, and with no film projects in her schedule, the timing was perfect. “This last year when I’ve been developing this, there wasn’t any films, there wasn’t anything else,” the actress said. “This was something that we really dedicated ourselves to, and we couldn’t have pulled it off in this way otherwise in this amount of time. It was really my sole project, and I don’t want to do things where I am just checking in and out. I really do everything at infinite percent.”

According to Oshry, “this is not a celebrity brand. This is a brand that was built by business people that have a passion for this particular segment of the market. Drew is an owner and one of the founders of a new color cosmetics line.” As for Carmen Bauza, vice president of beauty and personal care at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., she believes that, “We have not seen success when you have celebrities just put a name on something”.

Almost all the products in the ‘Flower’ collection will come in a white and rose gold packaging. It seems that the white was picked due to its happy, clean and unintimidating touch, while the rose gold adds a sumptuous feeling. “It’s so luxurious, but also approachable,” Oshry said.

Photos courtesy of WWD