Check out Dior's new makeup collection for summer 2013 as it brings to the beauty scene the power of exotic pigments!

Ladies, the new Dior makeup line 'Birds of Paradise' got our hearts racing harder than ever as the new collection packs an array of irresistible pigments that have glamor and sexiness written all over! The shades that the collection pushed forward: fabulous greens and blues as well as warmer tones such as pink and obviously the must haves of the year, neutral shades!

The cool display of color paired with the haute quality and innovative formulas Dior is renowned for will get you addicted to the collection, so if you're ready to update your makeup collection to match the new season tendencies be sure to add any of the following shades to your beauty kit as regardless of your choice, the product will aid in your beauty boosting process.

Apparently, the beautifully pigmented plumage of exotic birds such as the peacock inspired the new Dior Bird of Paradise summer 2013 collection, so if you think you're prepared to have your peepers enchanted by the sizzling Dior beauty products check out the following and pick your new signature shades:

Dior Makeup Summer 2013 - Birds of Paradise Dior Makeup Summer 2013 - Birds of Paradise

Dior Birds of Paradise: 5 Couleur Eyeshadow Palette ($59)
This eye color palette format is highly familiar to Christian Dior connoisseurs, but the blue-green-golden bronze shade mix is not, so be warned that it's highly addictive. The satin finish formula provides a long lasting coverage that feels so natural, so test out the palette and create various eyeshadow combinations to define your eyes to perfection at various occasions. Two shade options are available, so pick your best match:


Blue Lagoon

Dior Birds of Paradise: DiorShow Mono Eyeshadow
This is a gorgeous deep blue mono eyeshadow available in Parati will define your peepers to perfection giving them depth and drama!

Dior Birds of Paradise: Lip Jelly Pen ($26)
Three luscious shades of hydrating balms which provide a sheer color and shine will make your lips ultra-kissable, so layer any of the following pigments on as they're all adorable:




Dior Birds of Paradise: Dior Addict Lipstick ($30)
The brand chose to bring two new sizzling lipstick shades to the beauty scene, a cool peach and a pretty pink pigment that will get your lips looking like candy this summer, so take your pick!

Dior Makeup Summer 2013 - Birds of Paradise Dior Makeup Summer 2013 - Birds of Paradise

Dior Birds of Paradise: I Couleur Eye Gloss
These fab eye color crème tubes will provide a sizzling, intense ultra shiny and long lasting pigmentation for your eyelids, so choose to turn towards any of the following neutral shades as they're made to flatter all:


Golden Sand

Dior Birds of Paradise: DiorSkin Nude Tan: Paradise Blush ($56)
Sculpt and illuminate your cheeks with the help of these fabulous iridescent blush duos which deliver a sheer, natural coloration with each stroke. Two shades are available with this Dior makeup collection:

Coral Glow

Pink Glow

Dior Makeup Summer 2013 - Birds of Paradise

Dior Birds of Paradise: Le Vernis Duo
This is the nail polish set that has been making us quiver with excitement ever since we laid eyes on it as each set features two incredibly hot Dior nail lacquers that you'll be able to use individually or combined to create various eclectic nail art designs, so look at the hues and see which one says Buy Me!:

Bahia - teal and fuchsia

Samba- shimmery green and creamy mint

These aren't the only goodies featured in Dior's spring/summer 2013 makeup collection as Birds of Paradise also includes a LE Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ lip care system that fills-in lines and emphasizes volume, a Diorskin Nude Tan BB Cream and a cool blush brush to help ease the makeup application process!

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