The new Dior Summer Mix 2013 collection brings an interesting idea into the spotlight: matching your blush with your nail polish. Intriguing? It sure is, yet the concept is definitely worth investigating and assessing. After all, big trends have started with even less than that. While there’s no way to tell whether it’ll catch on, we must admit the idea does sound pretty interesting especially since it is beyond easy to apply and takes almost no effort. Of course, wearing different combos is also an idea if you simply cannot find a shade that works as well as you’d like for both tasks.

When it comes to a minimal beauty routine, a powerful combo like this one can work extremely well. If you’re still skeptical that the new Dior Summer Mix 2013 limited edition collection, perhaps the fab trendy tones will catch your eye since seeing the new Diorblush Cheek Cream tones paired up with the fab Dior nail polishes for 2013 can give a better glimpse into the the possible combos. Fashionistas who are intrigued by the luxury label’s new proposition will be able to experiment with four vivacious tones like tangerine or fuchsia and other interesting versions. Choose between :#858 Tie & Dye, #448 Sunnies, #678 Creoles, #658 Capeline.

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The new Dior blushes are perfectly suited for the new season. A fab hydrating formula and a creamy texture make the new blushes a fabulous alternative for the hot months. As for the summer 2013 Dior nail polishes, their fab luxurious allure and creamy texture and gorgeous summery hues make them perfect for this year’s hottest months, being a trendy addition to any beauty kit.

The Dior Summer Mix 2013 collection will become available starting with June 17, when it will be launched on the retailer’s official website. The new and limited edition Dior Summer Mix line for 2013 will also be available at Sephora or Nordstrom.

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