Make your lips stand out in the new season with the Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Pencils from the CoverGirl Queen Collection for spring 2013.

CoverGirl is already beginning its 2013 releases. It seems that the label is already set with fabulous lip enhacing choices for the new year. The Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Pencils are already on the market despite being considered as a collection for the spring 2013 season. With a variety of retailers releasing some interesting alternatives for the upcoming year, the makeup trends for the warm season are contouring slowly but surely.

The new Queen Collection features a wide range of alternatives that are bound to satisfy the most diverse range of preferences. Beauty is by no means a fix set of options, so why should a label be concerned with limiting the new alternatives? Fortunately, this is by no means the strategy endorsed. The new line features no less than 16 tones that can satisfy your need for color and diversity in a pinch.

CoverGirl Queen Collection Spring 2013 Jumbo Gloss Balms

Names like "Soaked in Wine", "Silk Sienna", "Juicy Jam", "Satin and Spice", "Berry Dazzling", "Almond Butter", "Copper Stars", "Twinkling Toffee", "Electric Flamingo", "Pink Diamond", "Radiant Rose", "Disco Punch","Cosmo Confetti" or "Bronze Bling" quickly reveal the diversified palette of color ready to satisfy the diversity of preferences of hard core beauty junkies and loyal customers alike. Furthermore, these pencils are infused with shea and mango butter for a moisturizing effect.

Like we previously mentioned, you can get your hands on these beauty right now if you please. Any of these babies can be yours for only $6.99 a piece. You can purchase them online from

CoverGirl Queen Collection Spring 2013 Jumbo Gloss Balms