You beauty enthusiasts are going to love the new Clarins Splendours makeup line for summer 2013 as the popular beauty and skin care brand has focused its energy on fabulous, vibrant pigments that instantly uplift the mood. The color-therapy-like makeup collection doesn’t only bring the power of fab pigments to the beauty scene but also the power of quality-feel good ingredients that are gentle on the skin, so you can look fantastic and feel great at the same time.

Each Clarins makeup product has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that hypnotizes and that tempts you into buying it even through if you feel that nothing is missing from your beauty kit. So consider yourself warned before you raid the sizzling products and put the lovely formulas to the test as resisting them can prove to be quite the challenge. Our faves? The jelly-like lip balms that make our mouths water due to their delicious sheer pigmentation, so check out all the new Clarins makeup for summer 2013 and choose your new addiction!

Clarins Splendours Makeup for Summer 2013

Clarins Splendours: Color Quartet & Eye Liner Palette The new Clarins makeup line for 2013 includes a gorgeous eye makeup palette featuring a cool 3D Aztec print that will get your heart racing. Best of all, these pigments compliment most skin tones and deliver a flawless pigmentation to the lid from first application. Use one pigment for a more subtle look or mash up the shades and play with shadows to create a smoldering eye makeup that will make traffic stop. The following shades are Clarins’ proposition for a sizzling eye makeup look this summer:

Eye shadow – copper, light gold, pink-tone gold, plum

Eyeliner – brown

Clarins Splendours Makeup for Summer 2013

Clarins Splendours: Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms These jelly-like, fruit scented lip balms not only look fun and provide quite an intense pigmentation, but they are also moisturizing, so your lips will be as lustrous as ever. The color is provided by the gloss core while the shine is boosted by the clear jelly texture, so choose your shade as the following are available in this collection:

Crystal Rose – pretty pink

Crystal Mandarin – orange

Crystal Gold Plum – pretty golden-plum center and green jelly outer layer

Crystal Berry – a cool berry tone center with clear blue outer layer

Clarins Splendours Makeup for Summer 2013

Clarins Splendours: Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel Get the perfectly plumped lips with the help of this gel-like lip gloss featuring a translucent finish formula packed with ceramides that help soften the lips and maintain hydration. Two soft shades will get your lips looking like they’ve been touched by dew, so check them out and use your fave on your bare lips or as a shine enhancer over your fave lipstick shade:

Crystal Plum – sheer plum

Crystal Pink – sheer pink

Clarins Splendours Makeup for Summer 2013

Clarins Splendours: Summer Bronzing Compact Add an instant warmth to your complexion with the help of Clarins’ sizzling golden-brown-terracotta powder that features a formula destined to enhance and smooth the skin so you can look like a goddess. Apart from the gorgeous 3 tone pigmentation that flatters most skin tones, the new bronzer is infused with a subtle cent that will get you to fall in love with it and don’t even get us started on the cool package as it seems this year Aztec prints are in vogue, meaning you’ll definitely put on makeup in style!

This gorgeous Clarins makeup for summer 2013 is set to hit the shelves starting April, so be sure to keep an eye on it and be among the first ones to give your fave products a test!

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Photos: Clarins