Chanel’s summer 2013 makeup collection titled L’Été Papillon de Chanel came as a result of a surprising source of inspiration as the brand’s makeup creative director chose the mesmerizing colors of butterflies and the result surpassed our expectation to the point this makeup collection has landed to the top of our preference list!

Putting a high emphasis on intensity and obviously high quality, Chanel’s summer 2013 makeup collection packs a high dose of hotness, so if you’re not afraid to play with intense pigments from your eyelids to your tips, this collection is a perfect match for you.

There’s a certain 80s vibe surrounding L’Été Papillon de Chanel makeup line due to the fierce color combinations that are provided by the numerous products featured, but it’s this exact vibe that makes the collection look distinct and so much hotter. So check out the lovely display of pigments and innovative formulas and grab your faves, as this Chanel makeup collection is a limited edition and it includes the following:

Chanel L Ete Papillon de Chanel Summer 2013 Chanel L Ete Papillon de Chanel Makeup 2013

L’Été Papillon de Chanel: Stylo Eyeshadow ($47) The intensity of these fabulous eyeshadow pens is just amazing! Their soft, creamy formula provides an effortless, high coverage that instantly create a piercing gaze, so go monochromatic or bring out your inner diva and pair up your fave shades to create an eclectic eye makeup that makes jaws drop! The following long lasting fab pigments will get your heart racing from first glimpse:

Moon River

Cool Gold

Pink Lagoon

Jade Shore

Blue Ray

Black Stream

L’Été Papillon de Chanel: Inimitable Waterproof Mascara ($47) Remember the coolness brought by vividly pigmented mascaras? Well, color mascaras were made to look even cooler as Chanel amped up the intensity of the pigments so that regardless of your shade preference your peepers will make jaws drop. To top it all, Chanel’s new colored mascaras feature a waterproof formula that lasts to keep you looking flawless under all conditions. Check out the new Inimitable mascaras and pick your new guilty pleasure shade:



Blue Note

Aqua Blue


Chanel L Ete Papillon de Chanel Chanel L Ete Papillon de Chanel makeup

L’Été Papillon de Chanel: Stylo Yeux Waterproof ($44) Whether you’re looking for a subtle definition or a full-on drama eye makeup, this gorgeous long lasting waterproof eyeliner will definitely come in handy, so test its beautifying powers and let your eyes mesmerize the world!

L’Été Papillon de Chanel: Rouge Coco Shine ($50) & Levres Scintillantes ($46) Perfectly polished lips are a definite must if you want to radiate and Chanel’s makeup collection for summer 2013 features formulas and pigments that not only leave your lips looking irresistible but also maintains their softness, so opt for a lipstick, a lip gloss or both and prepare to make hearts melt:

Rouge Coco Shine – available in 2 pink tones Idylle and Pygmalion

Levres Scintillantes – available in all romantic shades such as Zephyr, Evolee and Eden

Chanel L Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection 2013 Chanel L Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection 2013

L’été Papillon De Chanel: Le Vernis ($39) Complete your new fierce look by coating your nails in the most seductive, soft to drama pigments with the following limited edition Chanel nail polishes:

Azure – shimmering blue-green

Bel-Argus – shimmering blue

Lilis – chic coral

These fantastic makeup products will make it to the counters starting May, so keep an eye on your fave shades and grab your must haves as soon as they’re made available!

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