An explosion of color characterizes the new makeup collection signed Catrice as the label turned towards the beauty of exotic habitats for inspiration. The bright, vivaciously colored feathers of the Colibri bird and the intense, warm colors of the flowers it hovers over stood as inspiration for the fashionable collection, so browse through the products and pick your new season must haves as they are all superb.

Catrice aims to bring to the fashion scene the hottest hues that exude glamor and style and that feel incredible on the skin. These professional style makeup products lure in attention like a magnet, so dare to experiment with the oh-so-vibrant collection to achieve a myriad of on-trend makeup looks that will turn you into a makeup diva every time.

Eyeshadow Pen Give your eyes the perfect definition with the help of these easy to use twist-up eyeshadow pens. The creamy texture, light shimmery formula will glide on the skin smoothly and uniformly, enabling you to achieve stunning day to evening makeup looks. Go simple or mash-up the hues to achieve a more edgy makeup style using the following hues:

Precious Nectar – shimmery gold

Virgin Forest – shimmery bright green

Birds Flying High – shimmery blue

Exotica – shimmery red/pink

Golden Glow Eye Liner Achieve an all glam eye makeup with the help of Catrice’s Golden Glow Eyeliner in Precious Nectar, a high shimmer golden glow formula that gives your look an instantly refreshed, glam look.

Jelly Cheek Tint Add a natural flush to your cheeks with the help of this gel-like texture cheek tint in Abloom, a vivacious red hue that delivers impeccable results. The best thing about the product is that it can be used to enhance the beauty of your lips as well, so give your lips a sensual red tint with this fab 2in1 makeup product.

Color Refreshing Lip Balm This summer make sure your lips look luscious and feel as soft as silk with the help of Catrice’s lip balm. The formula reacts with the pH of your lips to unveil their natural, red tint color while its subtly pink hue gives the lips a fresh and natural, ultra feminine look that will make heads turn.

Nectar Gloss Envelop your lips with this lightweight, summery-vibe lip gloss formula that features the hottest seasonal hues. The formula features a semi-transparent finish, so your natural lip color will receive a subtle hint of your favorite Nectar Gloss. Select from:

Birds Flying High

Feathery Pink


Gorgeous Blossom

Ultimate Nail Lacquer

Birds Flying High

Twist of Lemon



Virgin Forest

Photos courtesy of Catrice