Set to be released in March, the Bobbi Brown for Tibi Peony & Python makeup collection for spring 2011 is already one of the most coveted makeup kits of the season. Embracing femininity while aiming to to help close the gap between runway looks and real life, the collection features an amazing set of high quality products in a series of completely seductive hues.

Makeup is one of the beauty tools that most helps us highlight some of our most beautiful traits while camouflaging our perceived flaws that might diminish our self confidence unnecessary. Although each woman has a set of colors and makeup styles that are able to provide a flawless finish every single time, keeping an open mind and paying attention to the latest beauty trends is almost always a good idea as it can open up a whole new series of possibilities to enhance our features.

The Bobby Brown collection, which is done in collaboration with the well known fashion brand Tibi, uses peonies, a popular symbol of the warm season for a romantic touch and python scales, a symbol that adds luxury and sophistication to the case designs. These symbols are also reflected in the color palette which features light, subtle shades similar to peonies and also darker shades that reflect the fierceness of a python. Bobbi Brown herself revealed her thoughts about the collection by explaining the core concepts that lay at the foundation of the collection:

Bobbi Brown Peony and Python Makeup Collection

“The pinks and purples in this collection are inspired by peonies, my favorite flower. Peonies are lush, decadent and delicate — just like the colors in the limited palette. I’ve also incorporated grey, a color that was big on the runways this season. A great neutral, it’s totally versatile and a cool counterpoint to pink. And because I love accessories just as much as the next girl, I asked Tibi to design a makeup case to match.”

Due to the fact that eye makeup is of the elements with the greatest potential to create a seductive look, the eyeshadow color palette is one of the main points of interest of the collection. With light, girly shades for a balanced yet striking daytime look and darker, more intense tones for the ultimate passionate evening makeup, the collection offers the perfect balance between matte shades and more shimmery ones, providing six different color choices:

Bobbi Brown Peony and Python Makeup Collection

Opal Eye Shadow

Lavender Metallic Eye Shadow

Cool Ivory Eye Shadow

Cobra Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

Plum Orchid Eye Shadow

Eclipse Eye Shadow

Aside from the sultry eyeshadow hues, the collection also features additional products needed to perfect any makeup. For those who see mile long lashes as one of the most important elements of any makeup style, the collection features Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascaras in two different shades: plum and black.

To highlight the beauty of our lips and protect them at the same time, the brand offers us two different choices: Pale Peony, a rich color lip gloss and Lilac, an equally seductive lipstick shade that protects our lips as it has a SPF of 12 to maintain the youthfulness and sexiness of our lips.

Bobbi Brown for Tibi Peony & Python Makeup Kit