The new season is all about natural freshness as nothing cat top the beauty of perfect, radiant skin. To help you achieve an iconic, universally flattering, day to evening makeup look, Bobbi Brown has created the Brightening Nudes makeup collection for spring 2012, a collection that aims to ‘make you look like you’re lit from within’, so take a peek at the brand’s new season must haves and pick your favorites.

Nude colors are definitely the buzzword when it comes to fashion and style this upcoming season as their elegance and subtleness makes them a perfect choice for every occasion. The new Brightening Nudes makeup collection signed Bobbi Brown manages to capture this timeless elegance of nude hues and give it a more sultry, modern allure by infusing the products with soft shimmery pigments that make the skin glow. Bringing the perfect dose of radiance, Bobbi Brown’s makeup collection dares you to resist it, so take a peek at the products featured and pick your new season beauty boosters.

Brightening Finishing Powder Create a glowing skin look with the help of this pressed powder infused with Mulberry, Grape, Scutelleria and Gentian Root Extracts, an innovative formula product that will color-correct your skin tone while giving it a healthy, soft glow that will be difficult to ignore. The powder features 6 lovely nude tones that blended together help give your skin that perfect smooth look, and featuring a mirror, the compact powder will help you stay flawless wherever you go, as it fits perfectly in your bag’s pocket.

Sparkle Eye Shadow Achieve the ultimate glam look with the help of these sheer sparkly eye shadow hues that go from day to evening. The unique combination of shimmering pearls and fine glitter will make your eyes look mesmerizing, so choose your favorite hues from the following:

Ballet – light pink glitter

Mica – deep heather grey

Silver Moon – light silvery glitter

Sunlight – a warm golden glitter

Brightening Lip Gloss Sensual lips are a must if you wish to achieve a breathtaking look, so experiment with the ultra-seductive lip glosses signed Bobbi Brown, products that are infused with some highly-reflective sheer pigments, and enhance your delicate features with the perfect day-to-evening sheer hue. Choose from:

Pink Lilac

Pink Opal

Lilac Pearl

Crystal Glitter Lip Gloss This is a perfect choice for a natural look as this crystal clear lip gloss infused with just the right amount of sparkle will only enhance the natural coloration of your lips, making them look so much more sensual. The easy-squeeze tube makes it perfect for an on-the-go application, so wear it on its own or over your favorite lipstick.

Bobbi Brown Brightening Nudes Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of Bobbi Brown