When it comes to beauty products the possibilities are endless as Phyllis Cohen proves through her latest beauty collection titled suggestively Face Lace. With a penchant for intricate makeup designs, makeup artist Phyllis Cohen has transposed her artistic views of fashion-forward beauty items into a one of a kind collection that is bound to make heads turn.

Face Lace designs are created for the adventurous beauty addicts that are not afraid to dare to push the boundaries when it comes to appearance and style. The product is intended to look as a makeup but is actually created using a fabric-like skin-adherent, non-fade, non-smudge design that will instantly give your look a more edgy, artistic style that is bound to make you the star at any event.

These sophisticated style makeup appliqués are not an idea that just popped into the Phyllis’s mind recently, but they are an extension of the work that can be dated back to the 80s when bold styles began to dominate the fashion scene. Her creative makeup appliqués from the past were the base of the reinvention of her idea, the Lace Face which enable true fashionistas to obtain a cool, edgy and elegant look in less than a minute.

The creations look more like face tattoos or masks and vary in size as well as style, so you can find the perfect beauty and style enhancement for you. From cool eye details to sophisticated face masks, the collection features about 15 intricately detailed makeup appliqués that will be difficult to resist. The prices for the stunning, innovative party makeup products vary between £13.95 and £19.95, depending on the design chosen, so browse through the selection that will be available for purchase from March 31, 2012 and pick your favorite party beauty boosters.

Photos courtesy of face-lace.com