The bells are ringing as a new beauty label is preparing to cause a stir this spring 2012 with the launch of 130 brand new cosmetic products. CK One cosmetics will make its debut this spring and with an array of high quality, vivacious colored products in store, the unveiling moment will surely attract plenty of fans!

This is an exciting moment for every beauty lover as the Coty Prestige will be launching the CK One Cosmetics this spring 2012 season and with 130 products to hot the shelves, the label's cosmetic debut will be highly awaited. The label will first be introduced in Spain’s El Corte Inglés in March 2012 while U.S. fans will be able to grab a hold of their favorite CK One Color Cosmetics in April. The brand is known for its orientation towards customer satisfaction and with prices starting at $13, the label will pose a serious competition for other leading cosmetics brands such as MAC Cosmetics.

The label aims to bring high quality, vivacious colored products at affordable prices on the market and Thomas Burkhardt, vice president of marketing for Calvin Klein Fragrances states that the label will be quite alluring to clients due to prices and the quality of their products. He told WWD that:

“We felt we could fill a white space of opportunity in the market: affordable designer cosmetics and we believe the price positioning will also make us alluring to retailers. Every other cosmetics brand seems to be about transforming an individual, CK One color offers a simplified approach to beauty that embraces individualism and defies stereotypes, with boundary-pushing edginess and individuality in its DNA, the CK One color vision of beauty begins with revealing your authentic, real beauty and never hiding it. CK One color is not about transformation or dramatization. It’s about looking real, defining yourself and adding intensity.”

The upcoming collection signed CK One aims to bring innovative products that provide color variety which can help more consumers connect with the products. With a high dose of youthfulness and energy, the upcoming collection will surely grab plenty of attention from women around the world. With eye shadows, lip glosses, 3in1 face makeup and lipsticks, choosing your perfect beautifiers from the same label will not be difficult.
The marketing team behind CK One has already been working to come-up with the hottest ads for the new cosmetics line and with heavy names in the modeling industry such as supermodels Lara Stone, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Eliza Cummings, Fei Fei Sun, Ehren Dorsey and more featured within the campaign, the result will surely reach the highest expectations. Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of American Fragrances for Coty Prestige spoke about the brand's aim and told WWD that:

“CK One has maintained its status as an iconic global brand since it first launched in 1994. With the introduction of CK One color cosmetics we go beyond fragrance, addressing the consumer’s desire to define their individuality. The new campaign, combined with innovative products, continues the CK One legacy of authenticity and accessibility by connecting consumers with the brand in a modern and vibrant way.”

The brand will feature products divided into different categories depending on their style, so prepare to meet Look Real products which will hold products that target to perfect the complexion, products such as concealers and foundations. The Define Yourself products will aim to define the facial features and in this category you'll find bronzers, mascaras and blushes while the Add Intensity group will feature color cosmetics such as eye shadows, lip glosses and lipsticks.
In US the label will retail exclusively at Ulta, so prepare for the moment these new products hit the shelves so you can enjoy your favorite CK One products.

Photos by Courtesy Photo via WWD