The most beautiful places on Earth amaze all of us with their beauty and mysterious appeal and their allure has inspired artists and designers alike. The city of Marrakesh is iconic for being the source of creative insights for a multitude of collections and the latest ArtDeco collection is no exception. From mesmerizing packaging to ultra seductive tones, each detail is carefully planned out and highlighted. The result? An adorable collection ready to put you in a good mood at the beginning of spring.

Featuring basic makeup staples along with covetable on trend tones for the ultimate beauty statement, the brand covers it all in the collection which is set to launch at the end of March. Browse through the latest products offered by the brand and select the items that suit you best:

Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15 Perfect makeup starts with flawless skin. The bronzing powder included in the collection is ideal for providing a matte finish that will create the perfect canvas for an alluring makeup style. Furthermore, the powder will ensure your skin is protected against skin damaging UV rays. Free of parabens, mineral oil, lanolin or perfume, the product will not encourage acne development. There are two tones to choose from, one lighter and one darker.

Bronzing Glow Powder  This limited edition powder serves as the perfect highlighter for your face, shoulders and decolletage. Enhance the tremendous effect flawless skin can have with this versatile bronzing powder that makes creating a sun-kissed look almost effortless.

ArtDeco Marrakesh Sunset Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15 ArtDeco Marrakesh Sunset Bronzing Glow Powder ArtDeco Marrakesh Sunset Makeup Collection ArtDeco Marrakesh Sunset Bronzing Glow Powder

Bronzing Glow Blusher The three color blusher allows you to highlight your cheeks with some of the season’s most alluring tones. Choose between coral, fuchsia and rosewood tones, all paired with a delicate, luxurious and subtle gold shimmer. Looking for a bolder effect? Try combining them for a more complex vibe.

Eyeshadows Seductive eye-makeup with fascinating tones is the ultimate beauty weapon. Choose between these long lasting hues:

13 Bronze Mirror

30 Drifting Sand

235 Sweet Apricot

258 Clear Blue

All in One Waterproof Mascara Do you crave for long, well defined eyelashes with high volume? Then try the All in One Waterproof Mascara which will simultaneously add volume and separate your lashes for the sultriest look ever. The waterproof effect will prove your best ally as temperatures start rising.

Ceramic Nail Lacquer Simply settling for hot nail polish hues without thinking of durability can be a real cause of frustration on the long term. That’s why the brand has focused on keeping your manicure gorgeous for as long as possible with the help of ceramic particles which ensure durability and classy shine finishes in these alluring tones:

263 Oriental Blossom

265 Bright Sky

267 Oriental Nectarine

269 Magic Orient

Hydra Lip Booster Pamper your lips with these feminine tones:

18 Translucent Mandarin

32 Translucent Mocha

38 Translucent Rose

Spray-On Leg Foundation Don’t rely on the sun’s harmful, aging rays to give you the touch of color you crave for. Instead, choose from these three shades for a similar effect completely risk-free:

03 Sand

05 Sun Tan

08 Desert Sun

ArtDeco Marrakesh Sunset Ceramic Nail Lacquer ArtDeco Marrakesh Sunset Lipgloss ArtDeco Marrakesh Sunset Leg Foundation

Photo courtesy of ArtDeco