About long and short Nail scissors and nail clippers are necessary only if you want to shorten too long nails. Then they must be rounded with a soft nail file. Ideal is to shorten them regularly, only with nail files, without using nailing scissors or pincers.

Delicate polishing The healthiest way to file your nails is by using a glass file or minerals attached to a wood support or cardboard. First of all you must file them all the time in a single direction, to not destroy their free edge, because in their structure the fibers are having a certain orientation. Preferable, nail shortening with a nail file is made once a week. If there a crack appears or it breaks, your can fix it temporarily the zone with the help of a glass file, although you will get still to shortening.

A genuine thing Rough and non-uniform surfaces on the nail can be leveled with a bufferl file for the surface of nail. This levels and gives an extraordinary shine effect, like as the nails were nail polished. Most of these nail files have at least 3 types of surfaces, which are numbered adequate for the filing stages. Maintenance – strength Beauty comes from the inside – available for nails too. To make them healthy and resistant they need vitamin A (you can find it in carrots, peas, liver, oat flakes, soy) and gelatin (for example in jelly-candy, sweeten gelatin). Plus in fruits, green vegetables, brown bread and walnuts you can find other vitamins and essential minerals for the growth of your nails.