It is a well known fact that zero size women have always been appreciated for their slim figure while plus size women have always been pushed towards the idea that slim is better but nowadays you couldn’t be more wrong as zero size is out and plus size is in!

The fashion industry is dominated by skinny, anorexic looking models, because skinny models are considered more attractive than voluptuous, plus size women with generous forms and a non-skeletal figure. It is absolutely revolting how much pressure has been put on models who literally starved themselves to death on the podiums to fit the standards of certain designers who wish to present their collections on super-skinny models, promoting this way the idea that super skinny is normal and better.

curvy models 2010V Magazine Size/Spring Preview 2010 Issuecurvy models 2010V Magazine Size/Spring Preview 2010 Issue

Fortunately zero size is out and plus size is in as curvy, voluptuous women are definitely more attractive than women who are nothing but skin and bones. Dieting and unhealthy eating, to reach this “ideal” zero size weight can lead to a variety of health problems, which can aggravate in time and bring only negative effects with the loss of pounds. Plus size models are beginning to be more and more popular on the podiums as finally curves are beginning to be appreciated for their beauty. Women with curvy bodies are beginning to expose their pride on blogs, podiums, you name it, in the attempt to show people that having a curvy body is not wrong and it’s actually something beautiful, curves being a symbol of femininity.

Certain people consider plus size women are trying to promote obesity as having too many extra pounds can lead to a variety of health problems, but plus size doesn’t mean obese. It seems that some of the world’s most renowned fashion magazines are sustaining the concept of curvy women being hot! The new front covers featuring gorgeous plus size models show that being curvy doesn’t mean being unfashionable, and that celebrating your curves can help enhance your beauty. Confidence and style are very important when it comes to beauty and nowadays curvy women are beginning to show that clothes look better on a voluptuous body. Fashion designers such as Mark Fast continue to introduce plus size models on the runway fashion presentations and this deserves our applause.

curvy modelsV Magazine Size/Spring Preview 2010 Issue

Nowadays you can find a variety of fashionable clothes for curvy women, just so them too can benefit from the same amount of style as the right outfit can make curves look even more fashionable. Be proud of your body and show it off and you will see radiate beauty as confidence and being comfortable in your own skin cannot be topped by anything else. Curvy is great and we couldn’t be more happy about it, so what is your opinion about this matter? Photos via,

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