From bad style to procedures that will affect your beauty routine in the long run, the worst beauty trends tend to pop up again and again, despite the advice of stylists and cosmeticians. 

If you’re worried that your taste may sometimes be questionable, check out a few beauty disasters that are truly upsetting and should be abandoned forever.

1. Orange Skin

Bronzer and self tanner abuse is one of the worst beauty trends that’s still going strong. Tanning salons are a huge health risk, because the ultraviolet lighting can also cause skin cancer, just like natural tanning. 


Leaving health issues aside, orange skin is never a good look and an unnatural tan simply looks unhealthy. Bronzer should also be used wisely for a subtle sculpting effect.

2. Over-Tweezing

Pencil-thin eyebrows are not only off trend, but they’re rarely a good look. The same can be said about drawn on or bleached eyebrows, but excessive tweezing is the biggest brow problem most women face. 

Over Plucked Eyebrows

Don’t be afraid to let your brows grow out. Their current shape might not be the most flattering look for your face shape and thicker eyebrows give more to work with.

3. Crimped Hair

One of the worst beauty trends that still pops up from time to time, crimped hair is truly a mistake when the effect is applied to your entire hair, from roots to ends. 

Crimped Hair

While tweens can still pull off fashion mistakes like crimped hair with their enthusiasm, this isn’t a look any adult woman should still try. Step away from the heating tools and enjoy your hair’s natural texture.

4. Matching Nail Art to Outfits

There’s nothing wrong in coloring your nails in a similar shade to your clothing, but when it comes to nail art, less is more. If you’re using the same colors from your nails in your outfit, the overall effect is definitely too matchy-matchy, bordering on costumey or even tacky.

Matching Nail Art 

Keep being creative with your nail art, but don’t match it perfectly with a single outfit, not even for a special occasion.

5. Pastel Eyeshadow

Combining a pastel hue with a bright finish is one of the worst beauty trends. If you enjoy pastel eyeshadows, stick to the more subtle hues. A light and bright pastel on your eyelids will either only wash out your complexion or stand out in the wrong way.

 Pastel Eyeshadow

If you can’t help yourself, at least stick to a matte finish and avoid anything frosty or metallic in a pastel shade.

6. Visible Lip Liner

Besides adding years to your face, visible lip liner is a bad idea since it conjures up images of tacky strippers. The right way to add plumpness to your lips using liner is to contour with a clear lip liner, then apply the color.

Lip Liner

If the colored lip liner is the exact shade as your regular lip color, you can still pull off a clean look, but why risk it?

7. Long Nails

Unless you’re using your nails as blades, there’s no reason why you should have very long nails. Over growing nails is bad for their overall health, but it can also be a very bad look, especially in strong colors. 

Nails Too Long

Thankfully, long nails with pointy tips, one of the worst beauty trends of all time is all but dead.

8. Unblended Eyeshadow

If you’re using more than one color of eyeshadow, blending is key for achieving a good look. The more hues you use, the better the blending should be. 

Unblended Eyeshadow

Always keep your blending brush at hand, because unblended bands of color on your eyelids aren’t just ugly, they’re also unflattering for most eye shapes.

9. Over-Filled Lips

Some women are just born with plump lips, others inject themselves silly to get a look that’s rarely flattering or natural looking. Abusing lip fillers is one of the worst beauty trends and can make your lips look like two slugs about to mate. 

Over Filled Lips

Use makeup tricks, like clear lip liner, to get more definition on your lips instead of injectables.

Side Mullets

Some women manage to pull of an asymmetrical cut that mixes long hair with a shorn side, but it’s rarely a truly fabulous look. Forget about the “lady on the left, army on the right” look and say goodbye to side mullets. 

Skrillex Hair

Reverse mullets, like Kate Gosselin’s signature hairstyle, are just as bad even when they’re sculpted by a great hair stylist.