In winter, even though the skin is our first defender against the aggressive external factors, our body suffers too. However, it seems that their biggest enemy is not the cold, but the inside/outside temperature variation. Still, it seems that this warm-cold alternation can also be beneficial, as it stimulates the micro-circulation, eliminates toxins, and energizes the cutaneous system. This, only when you respect a few winter care tips and tricks.

Body care Even though it is protected by clothes, our body should be moisturized too. However, during cold winter days, a simple nourishing lotion is not enough. Try to replace the lotion your normally use by an oil or an extra-nourishing lotion in order to reestablish the hydrolipidic film. One helpful tip is to use some lavender oil while in the shower, or add just a few drops of olive oil in the bathtub. And try to avoid exfoliating too much, as it only makes your skin more fragile. Don’t forget the extremities. Our hands and feet need a special treatment during winter. Choose a very rich cream and apply it in the mornings and also in the evenings, according to dryness condition.

Face Contrary to what is thought, in winter, it is not the water that moisturizes, but fat. This is the only element that prevents water evaporation at cellular level acting as a protecting barrier against external factors. Also, replace your moisturizing cream with a more nourishing one. And you can change a little bit you common beauty ritual. For example, choose a cream for dry skin, if you have normal skin, and a cream for normal skin, if you have oily skin.

Dry skin is more fragile and this is why it needs double protection. Apply a rehydrating serum before applying the daily cream you normally use. It is important to use moisturizing creams especially if you have dry skin as this is prone to wrinkles. If your skin becomes reddish very easy, choose a care product for reactive skin, and apply it two times a day. This will combine vascular protection with a climatic one.

Remember to always apply a sunscreen before going out, as winter sun rays can affect your skin too. This is one essential step in order to maintain your skin healthy and flawless during snowy winter days.

Lips Winter requires maximum protection for your lips as their skin is more sensitive. If the skin on the lips has no protecting layer, it chaps and cracks. And this is an unaesthetic and undesirable thing for every woman. The best thing you can do is to use a balm rich in wax and vegetable oil before applying lipstick. You can even protect them against cold and wind by covering them with a scarf. However, the best thing you can do is to always carry a lip balm with you.

Hair Excessive cold and the specific wind during winter days have a negative effect upon our hair. This is why it is very important to use masks and special treatments for hair regeneration in order to nourish it. You can apply homemade masks or more professional ones. As this is the season when split ends represent one of the most frequent issues, try to trim your hair more often.

The cold outside has a great influence upon our hair reducing the production of sebum. This is not such a huge problem for those who have oily hair. However, the real challenge must face those with dry hair that becomes even drier and it tends to break. The saving solution if you are dealing with this type of problem is to apply a nourishing mask once a week and leave it on the hair for about 15 minutes. And try to stay away from dry shampooings, hairsprays, or any other styling product that might frizz your hair. Colored hair is the one that needs extra-care as it is weaken and it loses its shiny aspect. Therefore, make sure you apply treatments specially created for its needs.

More tips!

After spending an entire day outside, in cold, there is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. However, this is not the best choice you can make for your skin. Hot water dehydrates and removes the natural oils from skin level. Replace baths with quick showers with tepid water. And don’t forget to apply moisturizing lotions after.

If until now, you used a cleansing water or gel, it’s time to replace them. A cleansing milk, oil or cream are more appropriate for winter care as they are more nourishing.

Forget about all the aggressive soaps and other washing products. Go instead for more gentle formulas that are soap-free and fragrance-free.

A night cream is a must for your skin. All day long your skin has to face different external aggressions. By applying a night cream you simply compensate and repair all the possible effects of these noxious factors upon the skin. Moreover, the cream will renew its lipidic protection.