If you’re wondering what part of the female body looks most appealing to men, we’ve got the answers for you!

Even from the very beginning, men say that they have to be charmed with our overall look. That doesn’t mean that we have to worry only about our appearances, but that we need to pay attention to the details that emphasize our femininity!

Clothes There’s an aspect of feminine behavior – women especially single ones, dress chic to impress other women. This behavior can destroy their love life, because they’re not dressing up for their partner. When you want to have an adequate look, you should take sum up to a single aspect: sexy means style! Men are impressed by a feminine attitude. Women that are too stylish, can hardly draw men’s attention. Practically, they consider that these women are “expensive” – not that affordable and much difficult to please.

Shoes They don’t mind how shoes really look like. If a man says you have nice shoes, he’s either gay, or he’s trying to get you in his bed as fast as he can. Only one kind of shoes can draw their attention: the very high heels! Heels make your legs longer and your derriere more appealing. But remember, it’ s not the shoes they’re interested in, but this little detail!

Breasts When your shopping, buy a top that’ s one size smaller than your real size. Subtle nipples that can be observed make them go crazy! They are animals which react at the visual stimulants they get.

Basics They love derrieres! In most cases, men get bored by breasts after a while, but they can’t get enough of a cute behind. If you’d have eyes in the back, you’d be amazed how many of them are checking out your back during one single day! You can make it stand out more by wearing heels, having a lustful walk wear high heels and trying to strain your bum muscles!

Make-up In most cases, men aren’t attracted to make-up, but to a natural and well-groomed look. Moreover, men don’t like women who spend too much time doing their make-up – they will think appearances are more important to them. At your first date, use a very light make-up, so he will fall in love with the real you, and in the morning he won’t get the impression that he went to bed with another person.

Pilosity If you want to find out about the new pubic hair trends that are liked by men, you should take a look into a few men’s magazines. Those who create these magazines are well aware of what men really like!

In conclusion

You have to look just as you want to be treated by your partner. The more shallow you’ll look, chances of getting treated like an object or trophy are higher.

If you look like a plastic Barbie doll the reactions of others towards you will be superficial.

For most men women wearing jeans, a tight t-shirt and hair pulled back in a ponytail are very attractive. But don’t exaggerate with this look, because you’re risking to become one of the guys.