Both women and men will suffer in the name of beauty, but some skin care treatments push boundaries in the quest for eternal youth. Some of the weirdest beauty treatments in the world include dangerous ingredients and techniques, but those who tried them generally have a positive response.

Check out some of the most bizarre beauty treatments in the world and discover which controversial ones are even banned in many regions, based mostly on being “icky” than any negative effects.

1. Blood Facials

After Kim Kardashian instagrammed a picture of her bloody face during this skin care procedure, blood facials have become increasingly popular. 

Blood Facial Kim Kardashian

Blood facials are of the weirdest beauty treatments since they involve drawing your own blood then injecting it back into your face with multiple needles. This is said to increase production of collagen and generates a more youthful look.

2. Nightingale Droppings Treatment

Nicknamed “the Geisha facial” because it’s been used for centuries in Japan, one beauty treatment uses nightingale droppings for brightening the complexion and smoothing lines. The song bird’s droppings were used in powdered form by Japanese women, but most modern treatments involve a creamy facial mask.

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3. Sheep Placenta Treatments

Truly one of the weirdest beauty treatments, sheep placenta is used to extract stem cells that are used to rejuvenate the skin. Rich in protein that has can hydrate and nourish skin, sheep placenta treatments are also available in over the counter creams.

Fish Pedicure

4. Fish Pedicures

If the idea of small fish nibbling at your toes doesn’t sound very exciting to you, you’re probably in no rush to try a fish pedicure. As an alternative to traditional removal of dead skin cells, the Garra Rufa fish simply eat it off your feet, leaving only healthy layers of skin behind. While fish pedicures are banned in 10 U.S. states, the CDC has confirmed that the procedure has not been linked to any illnesses.

5. Face Slapping

If you’re looking for a risk-free procedure that’s still worthy of the most bizarre in the world, face slapping is part of a Thai beauty massage. The facial massage also includes plenty of stretching, but slapping is definitely the part that gets your blood bumping. Increased circulation helps regenerate skin cells for a glowing look.

Snail Facials

6. Snail Facials

Definitely one of the weirdest beauty treatments, snail facials involve actual mollusks moving around on your face, leaving behind their slime that’s rich in hyaluronic acid. Fortunately, it’s not the only option for women who want to try out the excellent benefits of snail serum. There are plenty of creams and other cosmetics that include it among their ingredients.

7. Micro-Needle Therapy

One of the weirdest skin care treatments that has found popularity in China, micro-needle therapy involves puncturing the skin repeatedly at the microscopic level. With the help of microscopic needles, the skin is penetrated and that apparently has two beneficial effects. Facial treatments are more effective when applied right after micro-needle therapy, but even without any follow up, the small cuts in the skin promote collagen production.

8. Nipple Tattoos

Increasingly popular in the UK, nipple tattooing is definitely one of the weirdest beauty treatments. Just like permanent makeup, nipple tattoos are supposed to define the areola and even change its colors, to a slightly darker shade. Unlike permanent tattoos, the procedure needs to be repeated every 12-18 months.

Bee Venom Facials

9. Bee Venom Facials

After the venom is extracted from the bees without apparently harming them, it can go right into your skin for a Botox-like effect. When it’s injected under your skin, the bee venom causes a strong reaction from your immune system and collagen production in the area increases.

10. Fire Facials

Known as “Huo liao” in China, fire facials involve placing a towel that’s been soaked in alcohol on your face and setting it on fire in order to improve the look of your skin. The flames are only close to your face for a few seconds, but that’s enough to qualify this as one of the weirdest beauty treatments in the world.

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