As you know people have evolved and lived differently, depending on their location and culture. The diversity of their resources made it possible for them to develop different rituals to aid and enhance beauty.

Some beauty rituals seem awkward and strange for the people who are not from that particular area. Strange or not, these beauty rituals exist and they are practiced in the area where they have been developed. Some of them are ancient beauty rituals which have been passed from one generation to another while some are newer beauty rituals.

Here are some of the strangest worldwide beauty rituals:

In England bull semen combined with an Iranian plant called katera root to benefit and revitalize damaged hair. It seems that this mixture can do wonders for all types of hair.

In certain parts of South America land snail secretion is considered to have a lot of benefits for the human skin. They are believed to provide protection against pollution and ultraviolet radiation. It is also believed that this secretion can help the skin regenerate, this is why it is contained in a lot of skin care products.

Some countries in Europe use leeches to treat certain problems like arthritis, muscle tension, abscesses, blood circulation problems and so on. This is an ancient ritual which is still practiced in some parts of Europe and Australia. It is believed that the curing properties of leeches are unbelievable.

In China and in some parts of the Western Europe warm cups are applied on the skin in order to promote blood circulation. These cups are warmed and applied on the skin. The warmth in contact with the skin created a vacuum which sucks the skin into the cup. It is believed that this ancient treatment is very beneficial for the blood circulation.

In Turkey fishes are used to remove the dead skin cells. There are public pools filled with fish which nibble off the dead skin cells of your body. They are great for treating psoriasis as well. These fish can offer you an alternative to scrubbing.

Whether you think these rituals are weird, gross or just plain interesting they are very popular among many people. Some people travel miles to try and find any miraculous treatment to aid their natural beauty.