High heels have been present in history since 1500’s when they were footwear for men. They had a strong effect even then, because although men already abandoned wearing them, it has become highly popular among women.

Heels come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Whatever we have in mind, we can surely find a suitable pair, whether it’s something simple yet elegant, youthful and fun, sexy or extravagant. Those wonderful shoes that we see on our favorite stars are in our reach, and we can feel and be glamorous wearing them easily, yet they have both advantages and disadvantages that are really important for wearers, be that in our appearance and bone structure.

Pros of Wearing Heels

Pros of Wearing Heels

The advantages are crystal clear.

Firstly, wearing high heels boost our confidence, makes us look and feel sexy, attractive women that we are.

It also accentuates our curves at the right place by changing our posture, bringing our chest forward and pushing our waistline back.

By wearing high heeled shoes we can improve our height, becoming taller, an advantage especially to shorter women. Heels makes us slimmer by proportioning the body and making the legs longer.

The muscles in our body contract and relax. The calf contracts and adjusts to the angle we keep our feet in. Heels make them shorten and tighten making our legs look like we’ve been working out.

Last but not least, it reflects our personality and can give an air of authority, intimidating others. Great to wear to the office with a power suit as well as on a simple walk with our favorite t-shirt and jeans.

Cons of Wearing Heels

Cons of Wearing Heels

The disadvantages are less visible, however we can feel them every time we stand too much time in those favorite heels of ours or take them off at the end of the day. There are the problems that we cannot see, however, those can be serious ones, causing changes to our body that may be irreversible.

The advantages of accentuating our body only come when we can actually walk in our heels. Be that kitten heels or stilettos, we need to be capable of properly walking in them, without wobbling and limping, making fun of ourselves. We don’t need to do the professional catwalk, however we don’t want to end up falling flat on our face, disgracing ourselves in public.

The damages that high heels can cause to our bone structure are drastic. Without the right position while walking in heels we don’t just look weird, it damages our spine and knees.

We can easily get ankle injuries, hammertoe or bunions if not wearing a comfortable shoe, even end up with a twisted ankle if the straps don’t fit properly, holding our ankle in the right place.

While wearing heels, our weight is redistributed. By this all our weight is forced on the balls of our feet causing pinching pain. If we don’t watch out and force the pain, thinking it would eventually go away we will end up with Metatarsalgia, a common problem that comes from the pain of joints and bones in the metatarsal.

Knee joint pain increases with 26% while wearing heels, and this only increases, depending on how high the heels are.

Often we make the mistake of not breaking in our brand new shoes for a big event by this causing huge amount of pain on the big day, bruises and blisters.

Tips and Tricks for High Heels

There may be many and grave disadvantages, but this can’t and won’t stop us from wearing our favorite type of shoes.

There are simple tricks that we can put in practice so that we will still care for our body and look fabulous.

Look for shoes with thicker soles, so that it would absorb the impact of steps, increasing the time we can walk without feeling pain.

When we know we are going to be walking, standing or traveling for a long time, we can use a simple trick: bring a comfortable pair of shoe with us. This way we can freely change them whenever we feel like it. These days sneakers have beautiful designs, but flat shoes and low heels are great too, such as the cute and stylish ballet flats.

Also, we can always keep some sneakers in our car, and this way we can avoid the muscle ache that comes with driving with high heels, simply changing them as we’ve reached our destination

Try shopping for shoes at the end of the night, when the foot is slightly swollen. If we will stand in them for a long time, our feet will become swollen, and we will see how it feels, so it wouldn’t be unbearable.

Variate between low and high heels, limiting the time we wear them. We won’t get too used to either of them, and we’ll avoid the muscle ache.

They say spoiling is bad, but it is highly recommend to spoil ourselves with a nice feet massage and soaking them in lukewarm water. It will drive away the feeling of having our feet stuck in a painful pose we can’t get out of.

Both flat, low and high heeled shoes have their pros and cons, but if we can prevent health issues, then no matter which ones we choose, we can use them with confidence and be stylish!

Fun Fact for High Heels Wearers

Fun Fact for High Heels Wearers

The craziest gadgets that came on sale were the shoe wending machines.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these in your neighborhood, then you are saved even if you don’t have any spare shoes and the heels are practically killing your feet. Just a few coins needed and voila!

We should never forget though, that just shoes don’t matter. It’s the whole package that counts.