There are some cosmetic products that can fulfill more functions than indicated on the label and are very versatile. Use your imagination and test the following tips on cosmetic products and see how these work for you.


We know the effect of hairspray on hair – this product gives definition, adding the finishing touches to your style and keeps hair in place all day long. But how about eyebrows? Try hairspray to tame your eyebrows and keep them in place. How? Spritz some on an eyebrow comb or tooth brush and comb your eyebrows in place.


If you own a red lipstick but you don’t have the guts to wear it, don’t dispare and use it on your cheeks, just like a cream blusher. You can’t go wrong if you follow some steps: make sure it has a creamy consistency, apply to well-moisturized skin and blend, blend, blend.

Versatile Beauty Products

You can either apply it under foundation or over and always make sure to blend it and set it with face powder.

Foundation Stick

Foundation sticks are great to give your face a smooth, even color, hiding all the skin problems. This product can also be used to accentuate a beautiful cleavage, hide razor bumps or any scars on legs, just make sure it blends into the skin perfectly.

Body Oils

It’s an acknowledged fact that body oils can do miracles to our skin, refreshing tired and dry skin. Give your cheekbones a natural glow by applying a drop of oil to sun-kissed face. Light will bounce off your bone structure beautifully – but use it sparingly, you don’t want to look like a greasy mess!

Hair Conditioner

Its use in the hair care process is obvious, most of us are addicted to conditioners but it is also proved that hair conditioners are great for body hair – actually removing it.

Conditioners soften body hair and the razor will slide more easily on your legs (or other parts) when shaving.