How many times have you laughed on how you turned out in your pictures? Well, it might be funny to remember those fun days but for sure you don’t wanna look funky in all the pictures. In order to look good and enhance your beautiful features, you need to know a few camera tricks. Here are some tips to help you look gorgeous in every picture:

stand straight in a picture to look taller and accentuate your beautiful posture

stand a little bit sideways about 45 degrees if you are sitting down and turn your waist towards the photographer to appear slimmer. The parts that are closer to the camera will appear bigger

stand parallel to the camera’s lenses to make everything appear more balanced

tilt your head slightly if you have a heart shaped face to get a nice angle shot

dust a little bit of powder on your face to avoid having a shiny face. If you don’t have any powder with you, just wipe your face and neck with a clean tissue to remove the excess oil of your face

look at the camera, don’t look down to avoid getting a double chin in the photo

if you can, reveal your neckline to look more elegant and supple in the picture

if the shot is taken from below, look down and tilt your head slightly so you won’t get a double chin and a view of your nostrils

make sure your eyes turn towards the light so they will look like they are sparkling. Don’t look at the bright light so you won’t make grimaces

think of something funny and smile in order to have a natural smile on your face

Take these tips in consideration next time you get your picture taken, remember to smile and you will look gorgeous in every picture.