Going green is a vast subject that involves more than just recycling. Nowadays, people are becoming aware of how their choices and their lifestyle impact the environment and consequently they have begun making changes to reduce the negative impact that global warming could have over the future generations.

Big companies have seen the potential of the eco-friendly lifestyle and have begun offering green alternatives to conventional products making the sustainable lifestyle easier. However there is a lot of green washing going on and many claims regarding eco-friendly products have proved to be false. Nevertheless, there a lot of easy ways to green your beauty routine without worrying about these false claims. Here are a few things you can do:

Choose the largest container for each of your favorite beauty products

Not only will you save money but also you will use less plastic as one large container requires less plastic to be produced than smaller containers for the same quantity of product.

Also see if your favorite save money without making huge compromises is to use multitasking products. How about a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner or a 3 in 1 hairspray?

Also be careful how much product you use. For example you should use a quantity equal to the size of a marble for shampoo and conditioner, the size of a nickel for hair serum and the size of an Altoid for foundation.

Watch your energy and water consumption

Pay attention to your daily rituals and you will find plenty of ways to do that. For example when brushing your teeth don’t let the water running when you don’t use it. You can also try a navy shower to conserve water. The whole idea behind the navy shower is to turn off water when you’re not using it. Basically you get in the shower,get all wet,turn off the water,lather up then rinse and you’re done. Try air drying your hair once in a while and use your flat iron or hot curling iron less often.

Read the label

If you see a lot of tongue-twisting names on the ingredient list of a product,ditch it. The shorter the ingredient list is,the better. Many of the chemicals contained in conventional products are endocrine disruptors and can cause birth defects in addition to having all sorts of other negative side effects. Avoid synthetic fragrances especially if you are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin.


Make your own beauty products

There are a lot of homemade beauty products you can experiment with, you can find lot of home remedies for different problems and all you need is a little creativity and some common items you can probably find in your kitchen.From making homemade hair masks to making your own shampoo everything is possible. Don’t be afraid to experiment!