With the hectic schedules most of us have, juggling with our daily responsibilities and making time for ourselves is becoming increasingly harder. However, this is no excuse for skipping our beauty routine. With a few adjustments, we can transform our regular beauty ritual to be able to get the same results in less time. Skipping the non essentials and using double duty products might seem like generic advice, however, it can truly make a difference in terms of cutting down the time you need to prep up.

From your skin care routine to your manicure and even your hairstyle, you can use various tips to get ready faster and easier. Having a shorter shower is one of the first aspects women tend to think about when it comes to getting ready in the morning. While this is a great first step, in order to truly speed up your beauty routine, additional efforts are required. Preparing the night before with a few overnight treatments can be helpful as well.

One of the simplest preventative measures you can take to is to make sure that your head is elevated on two pillows. This will prevent fluid accumulation around the eye area, thus diminishing or even completely eliminating puffiness around the eyes. In addition, choosing satin pillow cases will prevent creases on the face, helping you avoid getting wrinkles prematurely. This simple beauty trick will also prevent unnecessary friction on your hair and might even prevent tangling ad split ends.

A hair mask that is left overnight can help condition your hair effortlessly. However, you should make sure to rinse well before applying shampoo. To wash your hair faster, you might consider applying shampoo on your roots only, as this will speed up the whole process of washing your hair. As the shampoo glides through your tresses when you rinse your hair, the rest of the hair will get cleaned too. To cut down on blow-drying time, start blow drying your hair from underneath and focus mostly on the most visible areas. Also, if you run out of hair serum, a small amount of baby oil can do the trick equally well.

If you need to get a flawless manicure faster, here are a few techniques that might come in handy: first, make sure to apply two thin coats instead of a thick one. Then, wait for two minutes for the nail polish to dry and then put your nails in cold water for another three minutes. Using your blow drier between coats can help you save time as well.

When it comes to makeup, the biggest time saver is a quick, simple makeup. Applying a tinted moisturizer with SPF, two coats of mascara and a sheer lip gloss or a matte lipstick is perhaps the least time consuming option.

Other ideas include applying a little bit of foundation on your lips before applying lipstick as it will increase the staying power of the product. A Q-tip with a little bit of eye cream can help you correct any smudges easily. Another practical suggestion is sticking with neutral colors in terms of makeup, as this way you won’t have to worry that the style of your makeup might not suit your outfit.

During the summer, sticking to light formulas is a great time saver as it will greatly minimize the chances of having your makeup melted, due to the high temperatures. Another time saver is to avoid plucking your eyebrows whenever you are in a hurry to avoid any mishaps. Instead, smoothen unruly brows with a little gel and you’ll look sharp and polished.

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