Well taken care of lips are very sensual and attractive. Soft and healthy looking skin contribute to a sweet and sexy look because they attract attention towards the face. Chapped, flaky lips are both uncomfortable and unaesthetic and winter helps contribute to these negative effects. To make your lips appear luscious and healthy you need to know how to care for them:

exfoliate your lips with homemade lip scrubs made with sea salt and honey. The salt will gently remove the flakes of your lips and the honey will offer the moisture they need

apply a chapstick over your lips because they provide moisture. You can use chapstick as a base for lipstick so they won’t look as dry

do not wet your lips if they are dry because you will only make things worst.

Getting them wet will only offer temporary relief after which they will get dryer. Apply a lip balm, a chapstick or hydrating cream over them to improve and moisturize them

apply vitamin E to your lips to protect them from environmental factors like sun, cold, wind

contour your lips especially the one that is thinner to make them look more symmetric

apply a little bit of clear of shimmery lip gloss in the middle of your lips, especially the upper lip to create more volume and make them appear more luscious

avoid wearing lipstick over chapped, flaky because it will only emphasize the flakes drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated

don’t use lipstick or lip gloss that are passed the expiration date because they can be filled with bacteria and they lack nutrients

Take good care of your lips so they will look smooth, healthy and kissable.