Your self image is a complex mix of how you see yourself, how you interpret your own evolution and how you react to life events. It can be either positive or negative, and influence your life accordingly.

It’s definitely not an easy process, but if you strive for building a positive self image, here are some useful tips that will help you improve your self esteem.

Stop the Negative Train of Thought

One of the most important changes for developing a positive self image, as well as one of the most difficult ones, is learning to stop your negative, deprecating thoughts about yourself.

Remember that, regardless of your upbringing, negative life experiences and other unpleasant situations, you are a valuable, unique person that deserves to be happy and to have what’s best for her.

To be able to restrain and then get rid of negative thinking, challenge exaggerated negative thoughts such as “I’m good for nothing”, “I never succeed at anything”, “Nobody loves me”, as well as other types of demeaning thoughts.

Identify Your Strengths

Value Your Assets

In order to stop the negative train of thoughts that you are now accustomed to and foster a positive self image, you may start by valuing and being thankful for what you are and what you have.

To make it easier, grab a piece of paper and write down your strengths, your accomplishments and what you love about yourself. If you find it difficult to come up with answers, ask a friend or a relative to help you. Then, keep the list at hand and read it whenever you feel down to remember how special you are and how many things you have already achieved.

Pamper Yourself

Another important step for building a positive self image is to begin taking proper care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself – that is, to treat your precious self exactly like it should be treated!

Care for your personal hygiene, dress nicely, do what you love – these are some of the keys for developing a positive self image that will last!

Self Pampering To Build Positive Self Image

Limit the Negativity in Your Life

You don’t need in your life anyone who belittles you and makes you feel bad about yourself. As a result, make a conscious decision to limit the negativity in your life, choosing to stick around people who love you and appreciate you. Moreover, try to avoid as much as you can those places you already know that make you feel uncomfortable, uneasy or even sick.

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