Breast augmentation has made it possible for women to make different changes on different parts of their body in order to look better and feel more confident about their own silhouette. Over the last decades, plastic surgery has developed into a vast, constantly evolving industry, which has created a growing obsession with breast implants amongst the women all around the world. Silicone and saline implants are the most commonly used types of breast implants on the market.

Women who have smaller breasts or have lost from their breasts’ beauty and fullness after losing weight or childbirth, cosmetic breast augmentation surgery can be one possibility.

This surgical method involves the placement of breast implants under the tissues of the breast or the muscles of the chest in order to obtain larger breast sizes. However, as any invasive surgery, besides the positive results, it can have some major side effects as well. Find out more about the risks of cosmetic breast augmentation to get a clear picture about the whole process.

Breast feeding

A large number of women who underwent breast implant surgery are capable to breast feed their babies without problems. However, in rare cases these implants may affect breast feeding in a negative way since milk glands can be damaged or cut during the breast augmentation procedure. Therefore it is extremely important to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon prior to the surgery, in order to get information about the possible impacts of a breast implant on feeding your child in the future.

Loss of Sensation

After the breast augmentation surgery, many women experience a loss of feeling in the breast area and mainly in the nipples. This loss of sensation is caused by the damage that might have happened to the nerve endings that can be found in this specific area. In the majority of cases, this unpleasant feeling is only a transitory state, and it ameliorates with time, but it can be persistent as well.


Having a breast implant may impede the proper detection of breast cancer. Silicon implants make it difficult to get a proper mammography screening. These implants can hide dubious tumors and make it difficult for ultrasound and X-ray examinations to detect breast cancer until the illness cannot be treated.

Leaching of Breast Implant Material

Breast implants that are leaking into the tissues of the breast can be really harmful to your health. Don’t forget that implants will not last until the end of time. Each and every implant material, be it silicon, saline or other type of material can get leak, it can rupture or deflate due to several factors. Strong compression or trauma to your breasts or the natural aging of the implant can lead to the damage of the implant itself. This can be easily noticed from the change in your breasts shape and size.

Breast implants can provide a solution for many women who suffer from self-esteem problems due to their breast. However, deciding to make a breast augmentation is a great step that can affect your whole life. Therefore it is very important to save yourself enough time to think about all the benefits and all the side effects of a cosmetic breast surgery in order to make sure you make the correct decision. For professional advice, talk about the issues that worry you with your plastic surgeon, who will offer you all the necessary information in order that you find the best solution.