That perfect smile with a set of beautiful pearly whites is not as hard to get as many believe.Teeth can be whitened through many ways: natural ways, mild bleaching or through professional cleaning.

Stains can occur with age but certain foods or drinks like coffee, black tea, red wine, berries, dark chocolate, cigarettes, coke and other juices can also seep into the enamel and cause stains and discoloration. Some stains can be superficial and we can get rid of ourselves, but some stain are deeper and need professional cleaning.

How to Get White Teeth

Some prefer home remedies to remove stains, because they are healthier and cost barely nothing. Brushing your teeth with baking soda can whiten your teeth, eating apples, pears, celery even chewing sugarfree gum can eliminate teeth stains, because they trigger saliva which scrub stains away, plus it neutralizes acids that cause tooth decays.

Whitening kits use peroxide base gel that bleach the stains. These kits have to be used daily for a half an hour/hour a day, for at least a week. Whitening strips can get rid of the surface stains in minutes. The strips are very thin, transparent and coated with peroxide based gel. They don’t give the same results as the whitening kits but the results are visible.

Whitening toothpaste can contain mild abrasives, chemicals and even peroxide and baking soda, which mildly bleach teeth.

Just remember that you can’t whiten porcelain veneers so if you decide to have your teeth whitened, they will stand out among the whitened ones.