Celebrities have always taken care of their body shapes and looks. This is why they are so admired and copied by so many people. Having a nice body is very important in the entertainment business so celebrities are always making sure they are fit. Some celebrities are admired for certain parts of their bodies. They are so admired that some people turn to plastic surgery to recreate that look. Here are some of the most desired body parts of celebrities:

Angelina Jolie’s, Scarlet Johansen’ and Eva Mendes’s lips. Their lips are full and luscious, no wonder they are so appreciated and desired by women around the world. Who wouldn’t wish they had such beautiful lips.

Jessica Alba’s and Nicole Kidman’s nose. All women want their nose to be cute and match their facial features. Unfortunately not all of us were born with a cute nose and that is why some women turn to plastic surgery.

Angelina Jolie Lips Jessica Alba Nose

Jennifer Aniston’s, Angelina Jolie’s and Keira Knightley’s eyes. Eyes are very important because it is said they are “the gate way to the soul”. Different eye shapes can change very much someones appearance and that is why people who are not satisfied with their eye shape turn to plastic surgery.

Jessica Alba’s, Fergie’s and Janet Jackson’s abs. Every woman and man wants to have flat abs with no flabby tummy. These ladies have an abdomen to envy.

Keira Knightley Janet Jackson

Jenifer Lopez’s, Shakira’s and Jessica Biel’s buttocks. Their roundness and perkiness make them envied by so many women. Men love women with a nice behind and this is why so many women turn to implants to get their fanny’s looking sexy.

Jessica Simpson’s, Megan Fox’s, Pamela Anderson’s and Scarlet Johansen’s breasts. Women want to have nice, full breasts this is why they turn to plastic surgery. Definitely nice breasts don’t go unnoticed.

Jessica Biel Scarlet Johansson

For men Usher’s and LL Cool J’s abs are the most wanted. They are well sculpted and you can see every single muscle group.

Usher LL Cool J