Testing beauty products before you buy them, is a must. Indeed this is the only way to avoid regretting the purchase of a certain cosmetics. That’s why be aware of the different testing options stores provide you with.

Don’t be shy, ask for a sample! Their job is to furnish you with the necessary information about an beauty item. It might be a bit confusing to listen to the different theories on where the ideal area is to reveal the real color of makeup and body care products and decide whether these match your skin tone or personal preferences.

Perfumes, makeup and even skin care products usually have a scent, texture and color. These are the basic factors that can determine our choice. In order to make the best of our shopping binge it is essential to take a closer peek at these qualities.

Since one of the golden rules of beauty industry is to always match scents and colors to our natural skin tone it is useful to know more about the best spots to test cosmetics.


Those who often buy perfumes, know the importance of testing. Doing it properly is even more essential. That’s why before going on a shopping tour you should make sure that your skin is free from other scents.

Skip the use of body lotions and perfumes before shopping any beauty product that might have a scent. Only a clean skin can reveal the true fragrance of a certain perfume.

Besides the well-known test blotters, the best spot to test perfumes is indeed our wrist, elbow or the back of the hand.

Professionals claim that you have to find the area where the skin is the thinnest. This way your natural moisture can influence the real scent, turning it into an appealing or on the contrary an unattractive fragrance.

Indeed this is the key to find our signature perfume. The skin by eliminating different secretion blends the perfume with the natural moisture of the skin. That’s why people have a different impression of a certain scent when it comes in contact with their own skin.


Foundation is considered the base of our makeup. Finding the right hue is the best trick to create a breath-taking look. However buying it without testing is a real no-no.

Despite our great skills in cosmetics, we should still test them but this time not on our hands as it was done in the past. Rather on our face, think about the real spot it will be applied to. That’s right your face! More specifically you should apply it to your jawline. That’s the closest spot in shade to your skin tone. If the hue blends into your face, you’ve got it!

Moreover if you want a guaranteed success it is also worth considering applying a small amount of it on the neck. The one that really blends into your natural skin tone will be the perfect foundation.

This is one of the tips of professionals to avoid the shade-slips that might occur between the tone of the neck and face. In order to act like a makeup guru apply several foundation colors in thin lines to the jawline and the neck, you’ll immediately spot which one is the lucky one.


The truth is that one of the most common makeup blunders are choosing the inappropriate lipstick shade. Indeed applying it to your lips is a basic step towards a fabulous makeup.

It is vital to test it beforehand, don’t buy it if it won’t fit your skin color. First and foremost however take a peek at your natural lip color.

This can also determine whether you should go for the pinkish and colder or peachy and warmer shades. Those who are rookies in the makeup business might ask for the help of a skilled person to guide them through the skin tone analysis.

After consulting a professional it is time to take the initiative to create a flawless makeup. Here is the top tip for a fab choice. The ideal spot to make things happen are our fingertips.

The color of this particular area reflects our natural skin shade. Never apply lipsticks immediately to your lips, it’s not hygienic. Always use your little beauty tool buddies to do the ‘dirty’ job for you.