Castor oil plant grows mainly in Brazil, India, China and most Tropical areas. It has been used for several generation because of it’s healthy and multiple benefits. The Castor oil is extracted from the Castor plant’s seeds which contain a vegetable oil rich in ricinolein.

Castor oil has been used :

in the cosmetic industry as an ingredient for nail polish, perfume and has also been used as lubricant for engines and breaks.for manufacturing household products like dyes, plastics and the pharmaceutical industry as an ingredient for syrups, pill coats and creams.

Oil Massage

Castor oil has been also used to treat:

Constipation. A teaspoon of Castor oil mixed with a bit of prune or orange juice acts as a laxative.Loss of appetite. It is believed that Castor oil can increase appetite.Runny nose. Castor oil destroys mucus.Swelling and infections. The rinoleic acid contained in Castor oil prevents bacteria and viruses from developing.Callouses. Castor oil helps maintain healthy and soft skin. Castor oil is included in most body lotions and skin care products.

Using Castor oil as a home remedy should always be done after consulting with a physician because if not used properly Castor oil can cause medical problems and in some rare cases even death.