The finger trap test or the “Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method” is the newest misguided social media trend that supposedly measures physical attractiveness. The trend started on Weibo, which is the Chinese version of Facebook and is apparently trending in over 200,000 discussions, mostly among women, according to and it’s apparently expanding.

The new “hot or not” test, which is said to have the potential of becoming the new #thighgap trend, is simple and entails putting your index finger on top of your nose and holding the hand against the chin as if you were asking someone to keep quiet. If your lips do touch your finger, it’s crystal clear – you’re pretty. If not, well… maybe your inner beauty can work in your favor.

Finger Trap Beautiful Celebrities

BEAUTIFUL celebrities according to the Finger Trap test: Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian 

Some media outlets describe the test’s results as being the other way around, however one thing’s for sure: the “Beauty and Ugliness Identification Method” has no scientific merit, the results being easily influenced by the angle of the head in either way. The results are also largely influenced by face shape which means that many of the world’s most beautiful celebrities would fail miserably at the test.

According to Refinery29, the whole trend actually started as an Internet meme, and has sadly become a fad. While it may be a stretch to claim that people are actually basing their self worth on the result of this random test, if the bizarre trends that have surfaced in the recent past have taught us anything, it’s that such fads have the potential to have a strong impact on impressionable and vulnerable girls.

Finger Trap Ugly Celebrities

UGLY celebrities according to the Finger Trap test: Lady Gaga, Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham

The “Am I Pretty or Ugly” videos in which teenagers turn to social media and ask masses of Internet strangers to determine their self worth have become a phenomenon, which is why seemingly harmless fads such as this one are worth taking into account and discussing. While these are definitely not true indications of beauty, the popularity of these weird beauty trends further emphasizes the need for a promoting realistic beauty standards and promoting self acceptance.

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