Adapting your skin care regimen to the season is always important, but even if you made all the right changes from winter to spring, you still need to step it up again in order to deal with the heat and sun, which can wreak havoc on your skin during summer.

Learn more about the best summer beauty tips, from choosing the right makeup to making sure that your skin is protected from chaffing when you sweat. These simple  rules for summer skin care will help you look and feel great all summer long.

1. Bring Out the Heavy Duty SPF Products

When you know you’ll be spending time outdoors in the sun, don’t skip the sunscreen. Choose the right SPF based on your skin tone (at least 15), and don’t count on makeup and cosmetics that include a little sunscreen. 

Using lip balm or a moisturizer with SPF is extra protection, but buying actual sunscreen and using it on your face, neck, chest and every other area that’s exposed to UV radiation, including behind your ear.

Waterproof Makeup In Summer

2. Smudge-Proof Your Makeup Kit

One of the best summer beauty tips is switching to the waterproof version of your favorite makeup products. The last thing you want when you’re sweating is for your makeup to get runny. Use waterproof mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and even concealer. For your lips, forget the creamy lipsticks and switch to a lighter liquid lipstick designed for a long-lasting look.

3. Increase Hydration

After you’re outdoors for a while, especially when coming back from the beach or pool, your skin is probably dehydrated and dry. If you want to make the most out of your moisturizer, take a few extra minutes after you apply it to make sure it really sinks in. Cover your skin with a slightly damp towel (use warm water, not cold). The heat will make sure that the active ingredients in the moisturizer penetrate the skin better.

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4. Fight Shine

Changing your rich face cream for a lighter version is a no-brainer when it comes to summer beauty tips, but you might also need to replace your cleanser. Look for a light foaming gel and once your skin is clean, use an oil-free lotion or cream.

5. Go for Lighter Coverage

Even if you feel you need good coverage, you can’t simply continue to wear your foundation and blush during a hot and humid summer. Replace your foundation with a tinted moisturizer, and forget about powdered blush. Replace it with cheek stain for the same results with a lighter finish. If you don’t want to make the switch to waterproof makeup, invest in a good primer.

Light Coverage Foundation For Summer

6. Get a Beautiful Glow

A bronzer gel can be the right solution both for extra coverage and for getting a nice glow without subjecting your skin to UV radiation. One of the best summer beauty tips is using a touch of highlighter after using any bronzer. Use it on your face, neck, cleavage or your entire body for a sexy glow.

7. Double Down On Exfoliation

If you’re sweating every day, bacteria grows much faster on your skin and without proper exfoliation, a breakout is inevitable during a hot summer. Instead of sticking just to mechanical exfoliation with a good scrub or chemical exfoliation with AHAs or BHAs, alternate them for the best effect.

8. Cool Down

When you’re buying products to use in the hotter months, one of the best summer beauty tips is to pay attention to ingredients that have a cooling effect on your skin. Menthol is the obvious choice, for your skin and scalp, but palladium is another ingredient that feels cool when applied to your skin.

Use Sunscreen On Your Hair

9. Use Sunscreen On Your Hair Too

Once you’ve got all the other summer beauty tips covered, protect your hair when your go swimming, whether it’s in the ocean or at the pool. Protect your hair from chlorine and salt by combing sunscreen in your hair with a wide tooth comb just before you go swimming. Once you’re done, it’s still important to wash your hair with water as soon as possible to prevent damage from any salt or chlorine left in your tresses.

10. Avoid Chafing

Even if you’re being very active outdoors, chafing can become an unpleasant issue especially between your thighs. Use an anti-chafing gel even if you’re not working out in extreme heat. While you can use it every day, it’s a must for any hike or even for a longer walk in the sun.

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