If your going to hit the gym for a good workout session you probably don’t want to leave without your gym bag essentials – stuff you need in your gym bag.

Just to save time it is best to pack your stuff in advance so you have enough time in case you forget something to pack.

The stuff you need in your gym bag are:pain reliever for sore muscles and joints.foot and shoe odor control products.deodorant.a small towel.one pair of clean socks.an extra pair of workout pants.a tampon in case you get your period.sweat bands to keep sweat away from your palms.

band aids.a water bottle that doesn’t leak.shower gel in case you need a quick shower.comb to keep your hair nice and tidy.face and body lotion.chewing gum or toothpaste to keep away bad breath.

These are all the stuff you need in your gym bag so make sure you pack everything in your gym bag before you go out to the gym to enjoy your workout.