It’s a well known fact that our beauty routine suffers a variety of changes as the summer arrives. From our skin care routine to the makeup products everything has to be altered in order to be able to cope with the high temperatures effectively. A new set of measurements must be taken in order to ensure that our beauty is not being jeopardized by the summer dangers that present at every step. However although we might try really hard at enhancing or at least keeping our natural beauty intact sometimes even our best intentions are doomed to failure.

None of the less, there’s no need to despair as summer beauty problems can easily be solved with a few clever strategies. By understanding the cause of these unpleasant phenomena you will be able to make smarter choices that will allow you to look your best every single time. Here’s how you can solve summer’s most stringent beauty problems:

Yellowish nail polish

If you are a fan of pale nail polish colors you might have the unpleasant surprise to discover that your nail polish has somehow inexplicably turned yellowish. The sun rays can often change the color of light nail polishes so it’s best to use strong dark and fashionable shades to avoid this problem and to look stylish at the same time.

Uneven tan

If for some reason the tan you acquired during your sunbathing sessions is not exactly the one you aimed to get there’s no need to worry. There are two methods you can use to fix this problem. The first one is a simple easy fix while the other is more of a long term approach. You could try going to a salon where a technician can airbrush the affected ares and even out skin tone.

The second method requires using two different sunscreens for various spots on the skin. Use a sunscreen with a higher SPF on the affected areas and a sunscreen whit a lower SPF on the rest of the skin, on unaffected areas. Make sure to keep your skin well moisturized and exfoliate regularly. In this way the skin tone will become more even with time.


Aside from using conventional products on the market that will be able to provide some kind of relief for sunburns and/or trying a few home remedies for sunburns, you can partially solve the beauty problems caused by the skin damage by applying a few makeup tricks designed to hide sunburns.

Make sure to use a creamy foundation with a higher SPF than you normally use since the skin is now more sensitive than before and avoid further sunbathing sessions to avoid further damage.

Acne breakouts

While the sun might seem to camouflage blemishes, sometimes you can discover that you have unexpected acne breakouts without any apparent reason. The most frequent cause of this problem is an ingredient contained in sunscreens. Generally the mineral oil contained in most sunscreen can cause cosmetic acne.

Aside from avoiding sunscreens taht contain this ingredient try choosing a sunscreen that has avobenzone and oxybenzone as active ingredients. This should solve your problem on the long term.

Green hair

Those who are fans swimming sessions might have the unpleasant surprise of realizing that their hair turned green if they don’t pay attention to a simple hair care tip. To avoid the hair damage done by chlorine and other heavy metals in the swimming pool wet the hair with sparkling water before entering the pool. If the damage has already been done you can fix it by using a shampoo that has sodium thiosulfate as an active ingredient or to try to solve this problem naturally by using lemon juice or vinegar.

Apply one of these two ingredients on the hair for 15 minutes than rinse using lukewarm water. You should be able to see an improvement gradually.