Statistics say that 75% of men first of all looks at the legs of women. And they don’t care if they’re with stockings, or shoes with round or sharpen tip (but it’s true that they prefer pumps). They’re turn after thin ankles, slim shanks, well-shaped knees and calves without 1 gram of cellulite. They’re not even pretentious! But you care so let’s work about this!

Attack to CelluliteFirst of all, be careful with the cellulite, to not pass the stage when it can’t be treated. Consume fat free aliments, do sports, go to massage and use the anti-cellulite gels. If the cellulite is in the beginning, these actually treatments give results.

More serious is when the cellulite is in the second stage: it becomes visible without nipping the affected zone and it’s painful too. In this case, you must begin professional treatments, in specialized salons. Lymphatic drainage, liposuction, mezotherapy and electrotherapy are just some efficient methods; some are more painful and expensive too. But it’s worth the pain and money. And don’t forget!

Cellulite appears mostly on hips and thighs. In the ideal case, the circumference of the hips is same as the busts. But you can have hips larger with 3-5 centimeters, but not too many!

Tips for fabulous legs:

– relax your ankles; say good-bye too high hails, at least for a short period.

– buy medicinal stockings. They fit tight on the ankles and they have a relaxing effect on the tired ankles.

– if you don’t have enough time to alternative warm/cold baths, use special cosmetics for feet with menthol.

– and don’t forget! The best remedy for tired legs are massages, excellent for preventing cellulite too.

Exercise for legsHere are some exercises to embellish for the legs:

To redefine shanks and calves, fix your hands on the hips, bend the leg and bring the knee as much as you can to your chest. Maintain the position as much as you can and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

To redefine the shape of knees, do some flexions on tiptoe.

For ankles and calves, walk for some minutes with the top of your feet straighten in the exterior as much as you can, walk on tiptoe.

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