Get yourself all dolled up for prom in just 7 days! You need some time to get yourself ready and look at your best on your prom night – flawless and gorgeous. So here are some tips on how to get silky hair, flawless and smooth skin in just one week before the big night.

7 days before Prom Hair

Trim hair and get rid of split ends. This is the perfect time to get a new haircut, color or highlights – you will have enough time to get used to it or touch up possible hair disasters like a bad haircut, wrong coloring or bad perm.


Get a sexy tan: exfoliate first – by removing the top layer of dead epidermis cells, you will make your skin appear smoother and you’ll prepare it for tanning bed sessions (if you want a sexy and healthy looking tan for the prom night).


A home made facial/scrub made with crushed aspirin (5 to 10 of plain aspirin) mixed with a few teaspoons of lemon juice has the ability to penetrate deeply to unclog pores and effectively exfoliate dead skin cells which reduces the incidences of acne outbreaks and stimulates cell renewal. Try to insist a bit more on the T-zone, then moisturize with a lightweight soothing cream.

5 days before Prom Hair

Give yourself a scalp massage – do it before going to bed on dry hair. Massage the scalp using one-finger tips and working systematically over the head. This stimulates the circulation and gives hair a healthy shine.

Body Relaxing massages – Massage is a great way to receive instantaneous benefits from herbs because the oil is worked directly into the skin and absorbed. Use essential oils or body butter and give yourself massages every day until the big night.


Massage legs with a firming body lotion. These formulas contain ingredients like caffeine and seaweed extract that temporarily tighten the skin.

2 days before Prom Body and face

This is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted hair on body or face. Use the hair removal type that works best for you. It’s important to do it one day before prom, so that the redness could go away. Just be careful, shaving can lead to cuts, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs, also the fabulous after-shave smoothness does not last long.


The right size and style of the bra is the key of looking perfect in your dress, with no lumps, or lines. If you didn’t pay any attention to what underwear to wear with your dress, take your time and search for the perfect one.


Give your hair a good home deep conditioning treatment: mix a teaspoon of olive oil, two teaspoons of mayonnaise, and one egg and apply it to the hair. It’s pretty concentrated so that’s all you need. Cover it with a plastic cap and leave it on for thirty minutes.

On the day of the Prom


These two are must do’s! Don’t skip any of these two. You’ll feel more confident and sexy with those freshly polished nails. Soak them, file them, color them if you haven’t got them done at the nail salon. Match the polish with your outfit and makeup, also accessorize with precious rings, watches and/or bracelets.


Glowing and glossy skin – You’ll be pretty exposed in your prom dress, so you might want to hide imperfections and add some flair to your look. Use body gloss or shimmer body lotion – these can be purchased at cosmetic counters or you can make one at home by mixing some body lotion with glitter or crushed shimmer gold eye shadow.

When you apply it make sure you get small amounts at a time, because it can get messy and you can stain your dress.


The perfect prom look should be complete with not too much -not too little makeup, you must glow with your natural beauty, so use makeup to enhance your natural features. You will need only a little eye-popping drama: soft smokey eyes, cat eyes, false eye lashes, sexy red pout. The best tip is to test your makeup beforehand and see which one flatters you most so it doesn’t look like you’ve been trying too hard.