Every girl has her own beauty routine, but sometimes we tend to forget all the beauty tips and tricks we’ve learned and start doing things that sabotage both our health and look in general.

Rubbing your eyes

First, you’ll successfully smudge your makeup. Second you might hurt the sensitive area around your eye. These are only two of the many reasons, while rubbing your eyes is harmful. As an ultra-gentle section, the eyes will irritate and become red. The only remedy that can keep you from going on with this habit is to let your eyes rest.

Keep some precious breaks even if only for seconds, to train your eyes and protect your sight.

You can gently cover them with your palm for a minute, then release it. Relaxed and healthy eyes won’t need any rubbing.

Lip Biting

Lip Biting

Whether it is because of you’re nervous or you think it’s hot, doesn’t matter. Biting your lips is just as harmful in both cases.

Try to pamper rather than torture yourself, even if you do it unconsciously it is worth having at hand a lip balm or a delicious tinted or bare moisturizer.

These will add a healthy glow and look to your lips. Once in a while it is highly recommended to do a deep conditioning treatment, with honey. Apply some on your lips, in a thin layer then leave it on for a couple of minutes. You’ll see it’s magic, the dried out lips will absorb it almost totally. No more chapped and peeled lips.

Sharing Your Makeup

One of the ‘I trust in you’ signs made by women. We must admit sharing our makeup is not a big deal. It’s only a lipstick or an eyeliner, what could happen. Most of the people is not aware of the fact that these beauty products bear our marks as well as bacteria from our skin.

Borrowing only a simple mascara can lead to several infections and illnesses. The best way is either to have two pieces of these or avoid applying makeup beforehand.

Makeup counters can also be accused of this flaw if they don’t provide different applicators for every costumer. Keep your beauty tools neat and germless.

Makeup Tips

Over-plucking Eyebrows

This tiny but pretty spectacular accident happens to often with people. Leading to the fact that after a time, the hair won’t grow back due to the weakening process. The less is more principle works here, moreover if you want to go for sure, contact a professional who’ll do it for you. Having the most stylish eyebrows is not as easy as it seems. Get the perfect eyebrows with some basic tips

Cutting Back on Sun Creams

It is a common tendency that when it comes of sunscreens the less is more. It’s a wrong attitude since as professionals claim, you have to apply at least a teaspoonful of cream on neck and face.

Then a tablespoon for the legs and a little less on both arms. It’s a rule rather than an advice. Keep it in mind when you want to economize with the health of your skin.