It’s not uncommon for women to pile up several different cosmetic products in an attempt to get the best results. However, having a multitude of products often discourages women to use them all before they expire as they can be quite difficult to apply each one of them regularly. Moreover, using multiple products all at once can also make it harder to realize whether the new products used actually work, due to the interactions that can occur and which can diminish certain products’ efficiency.

What’s even more startling is that most experts tend to agree that women don’t need half the products they use on a daily basis. This acknowledgment often makes women feel guilty that they may spend money on unnecessary items. Last but not least, this common practice is bad for the environment as both manufacturing and transporting these products is an activity with a significant carbon footprint associated to it. Taking these facts into account, the advantages of using our favorite products for multiple purposes are more than welcome.

To a certain degree, some ideas of using products for multiple purposes have become fairly well known. Using baby powder as a dry shampoo or using soap for an easier shaving are two common ideas that can be instantly applied with good results. However, other money stretching moves involving a wider range of cosmetics might be less apparent to those who are less creative when it comes to experimenting with their cosmetic products. Here are a few ideas you might not have considered yet:

Conditioner as a hair detangler. While conditioner may have become an indispensable hair care product, hair detanglers are nice products, yet they are not absolutely necessary. Running a wide toothed comb through the hair while applying conditioner is a time saving trick that will help you manage your hair easier.

Makeup remover alternatives. For those who only wear makeup on special occasions, a makeup remover might not be the savviest investment as it might expire before getting the chance to use it all up. Fortunately, many alternatives have been found to deal with this inconvenience. Olive oil, body lotion, vaseline or shampoos with no tears formulas can all be used instead. It is advisable to be extra careful when using these substitutes around the eye area as it is very delicate.

Vaseline uses. One of the most versatile products out there, vaseline, can serve a myriad of purposes. Lip balm or lip gloss alternative, night cream alternative, nail cuticle treatment are just a few ideas that come to mind when it comes to emphasizing the versatility of this product.

Use mascara as an eyeliner. Have you ever thought about the striking difference between mascaras and liquid eyeliners? Other than the perceived using value, it’s pretty hard to think of one, isn’t it? Well, if you want to stretch your budget, you might want to consider using mascara as a liquid eye liner and apply it using an angled brush.

Highlighter and blush substitutes. If you are reluctant when it comes to spending money on highlighters, try using vaseline instead, especially if you have a tan, as it will do the job just right. Lipsticks you rarely wear can double as a blush replacement as well if you pick the right shades. Brownish lipsticks can also be used as bronzer replacements.

Photo credit: Thinstock Photos