Monoi oil is a popular massage oil and moisturizer stabilized with vitamin E, scientifically tested and proven to have soothing and purifying effects on the skin and hair. Thanks to its scent, it provides a subtle, enjoyable perfume. The oil is extremely versatile, used in a variety of way to nourish skin and hair.

Monoi Oil Skin Moisturizer

The coconut oil that serves as the basis for monoi oil is an amazing moisturizer for your skin, having soothing and softening effects, as well as preventing water loss. NARS launched Monoi Body Glow II, capturing Monoi de Tahiti oil in its purest state for glowing, healthy-looking and naturally fragrant skin.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi body oil is an exotic treatment that contains a unique and rich infusion of exotic Tahitian monoi oil, rapidly absorbed by the skin. Use together with Frangipani Monoi shower cream from the same range will leave skin feeling beautifully soft, supple and delicately scented.

Monoi Oil for Hair Growth and Skin

Monoi Oil Skin Protectant

Monoi oil can be used before or after swimming to protect your skin from the sun and other elements. Try the Dior Bronze After Sun Monoi for its touch of glamour. This Dior after-sun balm is light, non-oily and refreshing, comforting your sun-kissed skin and revealing a golden radiant tan on the face and body. Also, C. Booth Tahitian Monoi dry oil spray can be used to rehydrate skin after a day in the sun and sea.

Monoi Oil Hair Conditioner

Monoi oil can be used as a hair treatment to deep condition and protect hair from the elements. The monoi oil ingredient in hair care products can make your hair more soft, silky and shiny. The stronger your hair is, the longer it grows and more style options you’ll have.

Carol’s Daughter Repairing Monoi shampoo and conditioner restore fine, delicate, or chemically-treated hair. This collection also features the repairing hair mask, which deeply nourishes your hair from root to tip, while its bamboo water ingredient and Pro-vitamin B5 help fortify distressed hair against breaks and split ends.

Monoi Oil for Hair Growth and Skin

Monoi Oil Hair Hair Growth

Every woman wants stronger, longer hair that looks flawless from root to tip without the hassle of getting regular trims. The secret is, the less trims you have, the longer your hair can grow, a lot faster. Carol’s Daughter Monoi split end sealer allows you to stop cutting and start growing by binding the frayed split ends of your hair back together, making them look freshly cut, instantly!