Breasts and maintaining a gorgeous looking cleavage tend to become major preoccupations from the teenager years until old age. Breasts are a symbol of femininity no matter their size and every woman should be proud of her assets. Because a good looking cleavage can improve the self esteem and boost confidence in women, as well as attract attention from the opposite sex, it has a great importance. Just because of this importance women should make sure they maintain their breasts looking perfect for as long as possible. Here are some tips to help you maintain a gorgeous looking cleavage.

maintain a healthy weight for your age and height because, extra pounds and weight loss affect your breasts. When gaining weight fat deposits on the breasts as well, thus increasing their size. By gaining weight rapidly you might risk developing stretch marks around your breast and rapid weight loss might cause your breasts to sag. Sagging breasts as well as stretch marks don’t contribute to a gorgeous looking cleavage, so try to maintain a healthy weight.

try to wear a bra during the day because the right bra can offer the support your breasts need in order to feel comfortable as well as prevent your breasts from sagging under the influence of gravity.


exercises destined for your chest are great and can ensure your breasts maintain their toned condition. These exercises will help your breasts look as great as they can no matter their size.

hydrating creams applied after each wash are great because they help maintain the skin’s elasticity, thus maintaining your breasts great looking for longer.

make-up can help create a gorgeous cleavage, a well defined one. Darker powder applied using a soft brush in a “V” shape around your chest area will help create larger looking breasts. This beauty secret has made women feel more confident and obtain an effect usually obtained only with cosmetic surgery.

Make sure you keep your breasts healthy and in good shape and you will surely not regret it. You will feel more feminine than ever, physically as well as mentally so don’t ignore their importance.