Among so many different face creams, body lotions, shampoos, and many other beauty products, we sometimes hesitate and choose the cheaper product instead of the most expensive one. It seems that nowadays being beautiful means having to pay a price. Well, this is not entirely true. Fortunately, there are various low budget tips and tricks that can help you save money and be beautiful in the same time.

Those of you who don’t have serious problems with your skin, you shouldn’t be worried and invest in expensive beauty products as with just a few easy tips you can prepare your own homemade facials using natural ingredients. For example, you can cover your face with a warm towel for 5 minutes, then exfoliate your skin using a gentle scrub and apply a mask. Moreover, honey is a very good choice for treating excessive acne and dry skin. You just have to apply it on the skin and leave it act for 15 minutes, then rinse using lukewarm water.

In order to save money, you can also use other natural cosmetics that you can prepare at home. Mother nature has been so giving. You can make a face scrub using some sugar or olive oil. Coffee grounds prove to be a very useful scrub and as efficient as one you can buy in the store. However, avoid too harsh facial scrubs as they can cause serious damage especially if you have a sensitive skin.

Milk can be very efficient when it comes to treating skin redness. Put a clean towel into cold milk and apply it on your face for about ten minutes. Milk contains proteins, lipids, amino acids and vitamin A, which can reduce redness and calms irritated skin. Moreover, the lactic acid in milk exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and glowing.

We all want to have a beautiful, flawless, luminous skin. In order to achieve this, you should consider microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a procedure made in spas or medical spas in which the dead surface of the skin is partially or completely removed. This way you get to improve several unwanted skin conditions such as sun-damaged skin, acne and acne scars, or spots. Besides, it can help you smooth the aspect of fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, the best thing about microdermabrasion is that its effects can last for a few months and save you some money.

Natural can be sexy too. This rule can also be applied when talking about nails. Therefore, you can give up to nail polish and go for natural. If you want to keep your nails clean and get rid of spots and the yellowish color, use fresh lemon. Cut a lemon in half and pass one part over your nails. The other part squeeze it into a bowl with warm water and keep your nails in for about 10 minutes. Then, apply a moisturizing lotion.

When choosing a haircut keep in mind that a layered one gives you a natural look and therefore you’ll don’t need to visit the hairdresser so often. On the other hand, a straight cut requires a constant maintenance and more money spent at the salon.

If your hair is dyed in one color, you probably have to spend money on hair dye every 2 to 3 weeks. However, you can maintain the natural color of your hair and make some highlights. Moreover, if you want to keep the color of the hair for a longer period of time, you should consider using a special nourishing mask.

You can save money by replacing the mask for deteriorated hair you usually buy in stores with jojoba oil, which act just like a conditioner entering and repairing damaged hair. Apply jojoba oil on dry hair, then cover the head with a hot towel for about 30 minutes. Then, wash and rinse with cold water in order to obtain a shiny hair. Another nourishing treatment for your hair is olive oil. Apply it before washing your hair and leave for 30 minutes, then wash hair as you normally do.

Olive oil acts amazing as a moisturizing body lotion without causing allergies. It cleans, softens and regenerates the skin. For the body, apply a small quantity and massage until it enters the skin.

Sodium bicarbonate has so many different useful applications. For example, you can use it for teeth whitening. Despite its salty taste, it is so efficient helping to regain the whiteness of your teeth. You just have to use it regularly, every morning, replacing the classic toothpaste. You can also use sodium bicarbonate for your hair. Mix two teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate with one cup of water and use the mixture at the last rinsing, after washing your hair.