I guess everybody knows the answer to that question and it is YES! There has been a lot of media promotion against the dangers of smoking, but it seems that more and more people start to smoke from different reasons. People start smoking at different ages but the most start at a young age.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, an alkaloid chemical substance which causes addiction. Since they are addictive the chances of quiting after one started to be addicted to cigarettes are small. It takes a lot of will power to quit this vice, but it is definitely something you can do as long as you want to.

Cigarette smoking is known to cause cancer, lung and heart disease. Smoking is responsible for a lot of peoples deaths because of the damage they cause the smoker as well as the people surrounding them; it’s not only the smokers who suffers.

Quit Smoking

Here are the most common effects of smoking:

– cancer, especially lung cancer. Lung cancer is related to the consumption of cigarettes. The more cigarettes one consumes the higher the risks of developing lung cancer are

– heart disease and smoking are related because of the dangerous substances contained in cigarettes. Some of the harmful chemicals penetrate the blood easily thus affecting our heart

premature aging skin. The toxic smoke released by the smoker so close to the skin can have damaging effects over the complexion. The smoke will penetrate the pores and give an aging effect

– foul odor. Cigarettes have a strong odor which penetrates the clothes, the skin and it is very persistent. This is why most non smokers would like to have non smokers as partners

– tooth cavities. Cigarette smokers have a higher risk of developing tooth cavities than non smokers

– smokers have a higher chance of developing an ugly, long lasting cough in case they catch a cold

– the effect smoking has over the people surrounding them are: miscarriages, premature birth, low birth weight, asthma and obviously lung cancer

no smoking sign

All the pleasure the cigarette gives one person does not compensate for the risks one subjects themselves or the others to. There are other ways to occupy your time, healthier options for you as well as for the people surrounding you.

Ask your pharmacist to help you quit smoking with nicotine gum and patches. They will make the quitting process less difficult. So stay away or quit smoking because life is too short already, you don’t need to shorten it even more.