Have you ever wondered why those models on the runway walk so sexy. What’s the secret to walk like a model? Practice, practice, practice, no one is born with this talent – models learned tricks and methods on how to have the perfect posture and runway walk.

Here are some of them, try them out to find out that you can also walk like a model.

Let’s start with your arms and hands – keep them loose. You must look like you are trying too hard, don’t curl fingers or keep them too straight. They should be directed towards your feet and not your knees.

Posture is the most important when walking with confidence. Shoulders need to be back, avoid being slouchy – it will only make you look shy and confused. Your hips must be moved slightly forward.

Practice the movement of your arms, as you have seen on fashion shows; a confident walk implies swinging arms.

Stationary arms can look weird and stiff. However, control them don’t throw them randomly, it is ideal if you swing them from elbows down, carefully not to hit your hips.

It is very important to lift your chin, don’t stare at the ground. Look people in the eye, this will surely grab their attention. Attitude is the key to successful walk.

We arrived to the most important part, walking. Keep one feet in front of the other, practice it on a rope placed on the floor or a straight line. Probably this is the hardest thing to control, walk as gently as horses do on competitions, still be natural. Implement it into your daily routine, look at fashion shows to see how models control their movements.

Don’t imitate their walk 100%, add your personality to these carefully planned steps. The ball of your foot should be set down first and bend your knee, look flexible but at the same time gentle.

Swaying is definitely our signature move, however, it should not be done excessively, don’t become hilarious. Practice swaying motions at home, you’ll see what’s the best for you. Walking as presented earlier can make your hips swing more.

Wearing heels is the best way to practice these tips, don’t take a high risk and exercise with skyscraper stilettos – choose in between ones, and remember patience is essential.

Learn to Walk Like a Model