Bad breath is a turn off for most people so you must do everything you can to avoid it. Here are some tips to help you get rid of bad breath.

Bad breath is a common problem which affect most people. A foul, unpleasant smell is liberated from our mouth through breathing due to different causes.
A bad breath that persists can be caused by improper tooth brushing, lack of tooth brushing, pieces of food that are stuck between the teeth and start to decay, cavities and gum problems. The bacteria that is formed on the teeth release smelly gases which contribute to the bad breath.
Dry mouth, infections of the throat, nose, lungs, liver and kidneys can also be a cause for bad breath.

Temporary bad breath can also be caused by certain foods that we consume like onions, garlic which are known for their powerful smell, smoking and alcohol consumption.

In order to prevent or treat bad breath or “halitosis” you need to:

brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day

brush the tongue and the inside of your cheeks as well because they too can be covered in bacteria which causes bad breath

go for regular check -ups at your dentist to make sure everything is fine with your teeth and gums

use dental floss or an inter-dental toothbrush to clean between you teeth. The toothbrush can't usually penetrate the small space between the teeth and bacteria can remain there to cause bad breath and cavities

drink plenty of water and inspire the air through your nostrils in order to keep your mouth hummed. A dry mouth can be a perfect breathing ground for odor causing bacteria

if your bad breath persists go to your physician because you might have an infection in your throat or a medical condition that can cause bad breath

drink a cup of mint or chamomile tea to destroy the bacteria in your mouth since mint leaves a fresh taste and chamomile has antibacterial properties

eat an apple because the apple will help remove some of the bacteria from your mouth

use mouthwash to refresh your breath but keep in mind that mouthwash is only a temporary solution to mask the bad breath

Having a bad breath is an unpleasant situation for the person who has a bad breath and for the person who smells the bad breath. It can be treated all you need to do is take good care of your teeth and mouth and seek medical help if the bad breath seems to be caused by something else.