Beauty and comfort are very important when it comes to our body. It is also important to take care of every part of our body including our feet.

Most people seem to neglect their feet and concentrate on the more visible parts of the body but feet play an important role. Tired and aching feet can affect the way a person feels by creating discomfort.

Weight, standing up for prolonged periods of time, heat and uncomfortable shoes can put a certain amount of pressure on our feet and ankles and can lead to certain foot problems like, varicose veins and swollen feet. In order to provide relief for tired feet you need to:

– put your feet up in a comfortable position for about 10 minutes. This is a great way to relieve swollen feet

– if your feet are aching and feel hot, place them in cold water (but not too cold) for a few minutes.

– massage your feet with moisturizing cream. There are a number of foot care products available on the market. You can try a cooling foot cream in case your feet feel tired or hot and gently massage the cream in. The massage will stimulate blood circulation and provide relief and relaxation for your feet

– sitting down can provide a temporary relief for tired feet. Standing up for long periods of time can cause varicose veins

– getting pedicures can provide relaxation for the feet. Pedicures are also great because they eliminate dead skin which can cause food odor, eczemas and fungus

So pay attention to your feet because they are just as important as any part of your body. Beautiful and well taken care of feet will make you look and feel beautiful.

How to Relieve Tired Feet