Because this type of diseases which were very common and ordinary a few years ago have began to suffer mutations and affect us more often, it is best to prevent getting the flu or catching a cold. The new types of flu can even lead to death so catching the virus should be avoided through any means.

The best way to prevent flu and colds is by ensuring the immune system is at it’s highest level of function, as the immune system can fight against viruses and protect us against different types of diseases. A strong immune system will act as a barrier against different types of viruses. In order to maintain a strong immune system one must ensure a healthy nutritional and vitamin contribution on a daily basis. Here are some tips to help you prevent flu and colds from affecting you and your family:

eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to ensure the daily contribution of essential vitamins necessary for your body. This will ensure that the body maintains it’s immune system at top level

eating citrus fruits will help your body receive high doses of vitamin C and not only, vitamins known for aiding against flu and colds

dress appropriate for the weather conditions as the cold air will affect you and your body so try to wear clothing that are appropriate for the season

try to stay away from people who present cold symptoms as the virus can easily spread through the air

when you sneeze or cough cover your mouth with a handkerchief to stop the microbes from spreading. Throw the handkerchief away and wash your hands thoroughly

try to wash fruits and vegetables as best as you can to ensure no microbes remain on the food. This will protect your health from other diseases as well

wash your hands as often as you can and before every meal as your hands can contact a lot of bacteria during the day. Wash with antibacterial soap in order to remove the bacteria as best as possible

avoid staying in crowded places like buses, the subway, and so on, as viruses can be easily transmitted in closed areas

visit your physician as soon as you feel the symptoms of a cold or flu. The sooner you take action the better you will feel and the quicker the cold will pass due to proper medication treatment prescribed by your physician

wear a protective mask if you think there is a possibility of contacting flu or cold viruses

By preventing flu and colds you will feel much better and will avoid the discomfort these type of diseases usually cause. Protect yourself as well as your body and you will look and feel as best as you should.