What could be more painful or uncomfortable than blisters caused by shoes. Several women struggle with this problem when showing off their brand new shoes, however there are several tricks on how to prevent shoe blisters.

Always wear stockings when wearing your shoes; in fact, blisters are caused by friction, your skin gets scratched and hurt by the fabric of the shoe. By wearing stockings you’ll also protect your shoes from excessive sweat and dirt – this is an especially useful if you tend to do your work on feet.

Don’t let your skin get irritated by synthetic materials and dirt. Specialists even advise you to try layering, by wearing two socks at a time and only high quality ones. Not only for comfort but also because fabrics as cotton and wool absorb excessive sweat.

Keep your feet dry with foot powder and even baby powder are perfect to keep them fresh and clean. These will minimize the friction, this way preventing the appearance of blisters.

Sweaty feet are more prone to being hurt – take some preventions before you slip into your new shoes.

Having blisters especially during the summer when our feet is revealed, can be very unpleasant and painful.

If you see some alarming signs protect your skin by using bandages and wraps, these will keep the affected area clean and dry. Use these little tools to keep your feet healthy.

Try to choose the best fitting shoes, since a too tight shoe might cause blisters on and between your toes, while a too loose shoes can also cause blisters.

Always try shoes before you purchase them, don’t take any risks. It is useful to break in shoes after you buy them, wear them for 1- 2 hours indoors.

Tea can do miracles with your feet due to its high content of tanic acid. It is a well known fact that competitive runners soak their feet in tea regularly. Twice a day would be ideal if you have a job that requires to stay on your feet all day.

Include regular foot soaks into your daily ritual for a couple of weeks. Your feet will be healthier and stronger than ever.