Learning how to perform a breast exam is very important as breast cancer is seems to affect more and more women all over the world. Breast cancer is a terrifying disease and every woman should try her best to prevent it or detect it at an early stage through regular breast exams.

To learn how to perform a breast exam one must learn the exact technique used by physicians. This technique is meant to allow you to observe and feel any changes that might be going on at breast level. It is very important to understand that by regular checkups one can detect any problems at an early stage of their development. The earlier the stage of the development the prompter the treatment will be able to be administrated and the better the results will be.

By knowing your breasts you will be able to detect any changes which are happening at breast level. The things you should be looking for when performing a breast exam are:

lumps near your breasts or around your armpit

changes in how the breasts feel to the touch

changes in the aspect of the breasts: color, size

itchy sores or rashes around your breasts

swelling and painful areas around the breasts

nipple discharge

nipple changes for example the diminishing of the the nipple

When it comes to how often one should perform a breast exam the answer is how often you feel comfortable but at least once a month. This way you will be able to observe any changes happening from month to month. It is best to perform your breast exam a few days after your period has ended as during the period the texture of the breasts is different and returns to normal after a few days. You can check your breast in the front of the mirror, lying down or in the shower depending on your preference. Here is how to perform a breast exam by yourself:

using your finger pads apply pressure around the entire breast area as well as underarms. It is necessary to use different levels of pressure to be able to feel any changes happening at the surface as well as deeper. Try not to press to hard when it comes to your breast exam. Ask your physician about the pressure levels you need to use

perform the breast exam by raising your arm up to give the breasts a firmer look and palpate the breast using the opposite hand

move your finger pads up and down around the breast making sure to cover the entire area. Start from the exterior and work your way in, towards the chest area. Go up to your collar bone and down to your ribs when performing your breast exam

Make sure to visit your doctor if you suspect any changes. It is best to be preventive than to be sorry so make sure to be aware of the changes going on in your body.